Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 3

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Joining the Dark Side isn’t that bad after all, especially after considering that each episode is so highly entertaining. I don’t know what sorcery KyoAni employed, be it magic, hypnotism or whatever it maybe but there was never a dull moment throughout this entire episode. Yes, unfortunately (or not) I have fallen from grace..but join us! We have cookies.

Creating a clubAll your base are belongs to us

The quest to defeat the Priestess for continues for Rikka, as she now seeks to establish a base in school in order to recruit more party members. Of course, the natural thing for her to do is to approach her closest allies, which is none other than the Dark Flame Master. Unfortunately, Yuuta has no desire to be the vice president any part of this, but ended up tagging along anyway, never underestimate the power of moe the Tyrant Eye!

By now, I’ve lost count on how many times have I seen the “create a club, but lacking members” situation since after all, school is partially about club activities right? Needless to say there is usually the follow-up of meeting someone who is in a similar state and they decide to form a merger of sorts (*cough* Tari Tari). In this case it is actually Kumin who makes the sudden appearance, literally. Napping club? Why doesn’t any school have such a club! I mean, you get to sleep with others, what more can you ask for! Back to reality, Kumin has some qualities that make her a suitable member despite not being a chuunibyou-ian – She’s easygoing, is easily entertained, has an appropriate sense of humour so as not to be turned off by Rikka, definitely a worth pickup there.

She’s an idiot

Spoken by the man himself, Dekomori Sanae (Uesaka Sumire) makes her flashy, or should I say messy entrance? Two is better than one, the same goes for chuunibyou-ians too. Replacing “desu” with “death”? Having some kind of super elastic hair? Servant of Rikka? How does that not make her awesome, apart from her being an actual idiot? It also seems like the delusional battles aren’t a one-off deal and might just happen weekly, how else are we going to relish the power of the Tyrant Eye or the Mjolnir then? Not to mention all those flamboyant moves with their equally mind-blowing names.

Do not judge a book by girl by her looks

This girl I’m referring to is none other than Nibutani Shinka. Popular, voted cutest girl in the class, with a charm level high enough to send any normal male into HNGH mode, Shinka looks to be the type of person who is the exact opposite of a chuunibyou-ian. However, make no mistake, it is not a coincidence that she decided to join Rikka’s. In fact, as pointed out by observant viewers (or people with source material knowledge), she is a closet chuunibyou-ian.

Towards the end of the episode, Sanae mentions of a prophecy written in a book that she found on the internet by a mage named “Mori Summer”. Mori Summer is the exact kanji used for Shinka and her spying at the group is an indirect affirmation to that too. It is now a matter of time before we get to see the other side of Shinka, it is now time to rejoice!

I wouldn’t mind a teacher like her

With all the character introductions more or less done, the “plot” can now finally advance! Then again, there isn’t much plot to begin with, not that Chuunibyou really needs one either. There is hardly any dull moments throughout this episode despite character introductions are generally quite boring yet oh so mandatory. Sanae adds more hilarious moments, Shinka is a yet to be revealed exposed chuunibyou-ian, even the teacher plays along with Rikka’s antics (gotta love the English lines). All that remains for me is: Will Yuuta revert back to his old ways, especially with Shinka now part of the club? I certainly hope not. If Rikka is the darkness, then Yuuta is the light – They are both needed for the scale to be balanced.

Random thoughts:

  • More abuse coming out from Yuuta. Not that Rikka seemed to mind though..
  • Rikka hates tomatoes. I have a comrade now!
  • Shooting paper bullets used to be popular way back in school, good times.
  • Sanae’s hair, is sure flexible?
  • How to win a debate: Chuunibyou style.

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