Update: Everything changes except change itself

Time for a transition! And a couple of points to be addressed.







Foreword: I don’t know how lengthy this post is going to get, but I intend to go over a broad range of subjects I have been pondering on over for past week or so. To make it easier on the eyes I will bold the topic that I am going to touch on so feel free to skip/read whatever. There is no particular order in which they are listed, I’m just going to go with whatever comes to mind first.

Chuunibyou/PP where?: Long story short, I’m lazy. But they will be out sequentially over the next few days (Chuuibyou 3 & 4, followed by PP 2 & 3). Long story long, I wanted a short break and I was also distracted by other things so the end result is a delayed release.

So what is up (apart from being lazy): I’ve been thinking over episodic anime coverage for a very long time now. When I first started this site I was going at the rate of 5 series over a week, which I’ll be frank with – it is more than I can chew, especially over a long period of time. Next season, I went down to 3 and this season I intended to stick with 3 but instead I decided to go down to 2. I’ll be frank here, the biggest problem with episodic blogging is that one doesn’t get a break, ever. It continues weekly, monthly, yearly without fail, unless the industry suddenly collapses (who knows). Essentially I am spending most of my time writing these posts, and taking a break on days where I don’t have to write a post. It is a vicious cycle.

Since this is a solo effort on my part, naturally I won’t be able to compete with bigger sites out there with multiple writers with daily updates, who are also able to produce different content from time to time. Also, by writing solely episodic reviews I find it hard to write on other topics (since there is only so much time I can “spare”), which has always been on my mind for quite a while now. While I’ll still be doing episodic reviews, I want also shift the workload away from that and focus more on other content which isn’t just anime-related.

Then there’s the inherent issue I have on episodic blogging itself, the scope itself is limited to the episode. Sometimes nothing happens – I have nothing to say objectively. Sometimes it goes OMG SOMEONE DIED! – Walls of text galore, in which I consciously attempt to keep it reasonable. What I’m trying to say here is that while I am frustrated by the restrictions enjoy the challenges of working within the range of the episode I find myself preferring to instead write when I have something to say, across a wider range of anime. (For example: topic X on Y anime, and topic W on Z anime)

Long story short – I’m cutting down on episodic blogging so I can focus my efforts into getting out new content/updates for this site. It will probably remain at 2-3 (or 1-3) per season but nothing is set in stone, I’ll make adjustments as things progress. Having said that it is about damn time to update the site (links FAQs blah blah), these should be also appearing sometime soon.

What will be happening in the near future: Now that I’ve stated my intentions to focus less on episodic blogging and more on everything else, here’s what I currently have planned:

  • Live eventsAFA’12 and Intel Extreme Masters Singapore are most likely the next two live events I will be attending. Expect pictures and a short writeup, although it won’t be anything too fanciful.
  • Site updates – Um, yeah.
  • Game reviews – I haven’t been playing much games actually, but I still want to write on Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 specifically, and possibly other future games that I might play. Unfortunately streaming is impossible due to my computer being 3-years old.
  • Traveling experiences – Looking to traveling more in 2013, and an end-of-year trips is in the planning stages as well.
  • Editorials – My views on a certain topic, doesn’t have to be game/anime-related.

Closing comments: Looking back at the previous update post, I realized that I am mostly rehashing what I had said earlier. The original intention is to leave things as it is till the end of the year but subsequently I felt it wasn’t going to work out that way. Things weren’t getting done, so I had to make some changes, and reducing episodic blogging is the only viable way for me to achieve that. Additionally I also want to make use of this extra breathing space to “improve on” my real life situation, commitments etc, which I won’t go into detail.

Lastly, I won’t ask you to have any expectations on what is being “promised”, but rather expect nothing and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Once again, if you’re a regular reader, thanks for the support and continued readership! I have thought about this for a really long time and I felt this will be the best way in order to me to progress. Feedback and comments always welcomed! Thanks for reading.


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