Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2

Welcome to (the) Dark Side.




I lost it. I had to pause and take a 5 second break before rewinding and playing that same line again. My mind couldn’t take it anymore – how awesome Chuunibyou is. While I have to admit from an outsider’s view it is hard to understand why so many people are going gaga (not Lady Gaga) about Chuunibyou, I was instantly converted to the dark side after this episode. Sorry everyone, for placing your faith in me. I am now an ally of justice darkness. Episode 1 was merely the tip of the iceberg.

It was a wet dream, literally

I was left wondering what happened when the episode opened with (not including the scene before the OP) Yuuta and his soon-to-be crush Shinka happily frolicking in a pool, before a fire engine came into the picture. And I got trolled! Anyway, Yuuta finds himself becoming the class rep alongside with Shinka, coincidence or? Presumably he was being sabotaged for that role (it always happens), but in hindsight he got to pair up with the girl of his dreams (quite literally too), not a bad trade eh? I really can’t wait for Shinka to join in on the fun once her character gets more development. Could she be an ex-chuunibyouian like Yuuta once was?

Rikka meets a Chimaera

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being entertained solely by Rikka alone. She’s just too awesome amusing to watch! From her antics at the school science room, to her mannerisms, including the way she speaks, to the power of her delusions. Oh wow, I’m simply blown away, words alone can’t describe how entertaining she can be at times all the time. So here’s the story of the day, she picked up a cat while being chased by the priestess (her sister). One coincidence lead to another and suddenly a new character shows up.

Tsuyuri Kumin (Asakura Azumi) has now officially joined the party! Her name is written in a peculiar manner too, as it can be read as the “7th of May” in kanji, interesting. Having lost a cat just recently, she ended up tagging alongside Rikka and Yuuta to their residence to see if the cat Rikka picked up was the cat she had lost (which was unfortunately not). And this is where the whole episode started to get really wacky.

That mysterious person chasing Rikka in the opening turned out to be none other than Rikka’s elder sister Takanashi Touka (Sendai Eri). She’s cool, allergic to cats, is totally annoyed by Rikka’s behavior, uses a ladle for a weapon and resorts to blackmail. In short, that also means a-w-e-s-o-m-e. That choker/collar she sports though, I don’t know what to think of that, is she an ex-chuunibyouian as well? Right now Touka is literally an anti-version of Rikka, which explains why the two of them get into “fights” so often. And speaking of fights..

The Tyrant Eye activates!

Although Rikka’s “final showdown” with her sister was just Rikka and her delusions, it doesn’t make it any less amazing to watch. On the contrary, it achieved just the reverse instead – that was a treat to behold. Again, words don’t do enough justice here, you simply must watch it to appreciate how well-executed the whole episode was.

Overall, I’m still amazed at how Chuunibyou manages to introduce their characters without ever having a dull moment, once Rikka comes into the picture it gets even better from thereon. With Touka and Kumin joining the fray, things are getting crazier and crazier, which is all for the better! Having said that, going by the OP and ED, it looks like there are still introductions to be made before the real madness begins. Is this madness? No, this is SPARTA Chuunibyou!

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