Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 1

So..I heard you like cats?

Advisory: Slightly NSFW



I don’t know if I’m biased or what, but I can’t help but think that Pet looks better aesthetically compared to LB (both handled by studio J.C Staff). If anything else, I think I’m enjoying Pet more than I thought I would, primarily because rival romcom series OniAi and TLR: D are more focused in the ecchi department compared to Pet. Not that Pet is devoid of any fan-service for that matter, but it is relatively “light” compared to said rivals above.

This may sound dumb, but given the staggering amount of (insert most appropriate word here) titles this season, there is actually a lack of – well actually there isn’t a lack of the standard romcom series that is the mainstay of every season. My point is, there is a lack of romcoms that incorporate fan-service that is “tasteful”. In a sense that it doesn’t feel that “forced”, which is the case for OniAi and TLR: D. Therefore, Pet manages to fill a very specific gap for me – Romcom + “light” fan-service.

Sakurasou, dorms for the normal..the not-so-normal..and cats

It seems almost mandatory for a series to introduce and establish their characters in their premiere episode (K and Shin Sekai Yori beg to differ), in turn it is almost mandatory for me to relay said introductions before moving on to the juicier bits (pun slightly intended). So here it goes!

The normal:

  • Kanda Sorata (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), male lead. Over the course of the episode we find out the reason why he ended up in the house of Sakurasou was because of his decision to raise an abandoned kitten.
  • Aoyama Nanami (Nakatsu Mariko), obligatory childhood friend. Obviously interested in Sorata, unless my spider senses deceives me. Not an actual resident of Sakurasou.

The not-so-normal:

  • Aoyama Nanami (Nakatsu Mariko), a resident of Sakurasou who is unabashed about having lewd interactions with Sorata, in a joking manner. Talented in the creating, drawing and directing anime all by herself.
  • Sengoku Chihiro (Toyoguchi Megumi), teacher of the high school Sorata is attending, 29 years and 15 months old. Desperate.
  • Mitaka Jin (Sakurai Takahiro), natural-born Casanova, nothing fancy about this guy, although his built-in BWH detector could prove to come in handy.
  • Akasaka Ryuunosuke (Horie Yui), well technically he/she doesn’t have a proper appearance so it is hard to say what this person is all about other than being a total shut-in.

Last but not least, Shiina Mashiro (Kayano Ai). Initially I was thinking that the word “Pet” in the title is in reference to the cats who are currently lodging at Sakurasou. But no, I was gravely mistaken after realizing what kind of character Mashiro is. As it turns out, Mashiro is the “pet” girl of the Sakurasou after Sorata realizes what a mess she is, literally. Despite being insanely good at drawing manga, Mashiro is somewhat unable to behave, or even function like a not-so-normal personnel would.

Hence the term “pet” is used to signify that Mashiro has to be cared for (by Sorata) like a real pet. Is it derogatory? Depends on your viewpoint. If you’re a feminist then perhaps yes. I found it amusing when a reviewer gave this series 0.5 out of 5 because she was offended by the portrayal of Mashiro and the whole pet deal. I’m not going to criticize or judge her view/review of this series, but as you can see, some people are clearly offended by that. Personally though, why so serious?

First Impressions:

The most surprising factor for me is that this series is due for 2 cours, which is something that is quite uncommon considering that adaptation like these (especially the given the genres) are mostly 1 cour, with a season 2 if the initial reception is positive. By announcing Pet to be a full 24 episode series instead of the usual 12-13, it certainly piques my interest for several reasons:

  • J.C Staff must be quite “confident” with this particular adaptation considering how they announced this upfront rather than taking the usual wait-and-see approach in terms of disc sales, profit margins etc.
  • That also means that the pacing of each episode will be significantly slower since they have more room to work around with. Presumably less content will be cut, thus making the adaptation seem less rushed and more faithful.
  • However, I’m not too sure if this is a good case for Pet, there is a reason why romcoms are usually 1 cour – it fits in nicely as a 12-13 episode series. For Pet‘s case, I’m a little worried that it might suffer from being dragged out too much. Let’s face it, there isn’t too much of an overarching plot (hopefully I’m wrong) in a series like this. Sure, I don’t mind watching character interaction between the normals and the not-so-normals, but for a full 24 episode? They had better have some plot/elements to keep viewers from being bored.

I’m not the one to complain though, 1 or 2 cour, I don’t really mind either way. I’m just concerned since it might have been a better move for Pet to be a 1 cour series instead of 2. At the end of it all, it remains to be seen if adding another 12 episodes is a helpful or detrimental to Pet. I’m not expecting much to begin with, since Pet is as standard as it can get, but I’ll certainly enjoy it.

Random thoughts:


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