To LOVE-Ru Darkness 1

I see..only darkness..ahead of me..

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So…if you’re reading this, I am going to presume that 98% of you know what TLR: D is about, or at least have an idea of. Originally I contemplated on whether to skipping this writeup or not in favour of getting the others out faster, but there was one vital statistic that I couldn’t ignore – anonymous views.

I don’t know where they come from, I don’t know why (ok maybe I do know why), but I have noticed (I’m an observer after all) that series with ecchi or fan-service in it tends to garner way more views than the norm, such is how the world, or at least the internet works. Of course I’m not writing this solely for the sake of the views, but also to give myself more exposure (pun not intended) on writing such shows.

Ever since the manga announced that TLR is officially making its return after its abrupt ending, just about everyone knew that an adaptation is going to be inevitable. After all, who can say no to money? To maximize said profits, I’m rather disappointed to see that the series has been massacred by censors. Understandably so, it is done for the sake of getting people to buy the uncensored versions on BDs/DVDs. It can’t be helped, can it?

For those who are “new” to the series, the original run of TLR was serialized on the WSJ (weekly shounen jump), essentially meaning it has to have a certain amount of popularity in order to be featured there. I forgot why, but there was a certain issue that forced the author to abruptly end the series in an awkward manner (not like the manga was heading anywhere either in its current state). Shortly after, the sequel/continuation came out of nowhere and this time, it contained real nudity, as in nipples were actually shown. (Yeah nipples are really such a huge deal huh?)

TLR returns with more trouble, more love and more..darkness?

So what is TLR: D exactly about? After the events of TLR, the story shifted its focus to Lala’s (Tomatsu Haruka) younger twin sisters, Nana (Itou Kanae) and Momo (Toyosaki Aki), with Momo taking the stage in the stead of her elder sister. The grand plan? Officially forming Rito’s (Watanabe Akeno) harem. I used the word officially because – we all know that he is unofficially the harem master when after all he has roughly 7 individual females interested in him, one way or another. He doesn’t know when to stop does he?

One mainstay feature of TLR: D is that somehow, someway, Rito always finds himself in a lucky precarious scenario. Be it falling head first into Kotegawa Yui’s (Nazuka Kaori) nether regions, or either interrupting someone or getting intruded upon while bathing. This guy is certainly lucky cursed, since he is also dense enough to not realize the situations that he is in. Therefore, it is safe to say that each week the show will feature Rito ending up in some sort of wacky mess that probably won’t happen to any guys out there.

Plot? What plot? Oh..forming Rito’s official harem, I mean Kurosaki Mea (Iguchi Yuka)? Yes she is plot-related but if you’re here for the plot then..I’ll believe you, I guess. Just don’t expect any resolution anytime soon.

First Impressions:

Apart from the mass censors, I felt this was a pretty decent episode, which reintroduced the characters of the series, along with new addition Mea. As with other shows with a similar genre, I find it hard to talk these objectively because there is simply not much to say. Mindless gushing isn’t quite my style either since I see no point in doing so.

A fair word here, this is actually an example of a good adaptation. The character designs stayed faithful to the original and the animation quality was actually not bad, considering how ecchi series generally have rather low budgets. Granted, they could easily cut several scenes and it wouldn’t really affect the outcome of the series as a whole but as the saying goes: “credit must be given where due.”

Random thoughts:


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