Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 12 FINAL

Well played sir, well played.




So, I got trolled..or maybe not. In the end, there was actually a proper and real little sister after all. I certainly wasn’t expecting that at all considering who she was, admittedly after this episode I should have realized that the signs were quite obvious although they were well disguised. Well played.

Little sister busted

Before going into the main dish of the day, let’s jump into what seemed to be the main plot, up till this point at least. It was just a matter of time before Shougo decided to confront Yuzurina about pretending to be his little sister and it turns out that she was just an actress paid to do her job – acting. That was quite random, the fact about Yuzurina being a celebrity actress in the past who has currently faded into oblivion before being “hired” to be Shougo’s sister.

But whatever, trying to make proper logical sense out of that isn’t the way to go. I mean, there are better ways to earn money right? (or not..) As for what happened to her sudden disappearance along with Seri’s ploy, that portion was left unresolved/omitted, whichever is the actual case. Honestly, it doesn’t matter either way as in the grand scheme of things, all that matter is – Who is imouto?

And the grand winner is…

*Drum rolls* Miyabi! Who would’ve expected? It wasn’t till halfway through the episode that I began to pick up the signs that pointed towards her. Initially I thought the episode was continuing from what it left off and I was wondering how it was going to conclude, before I knew it I was slapped with the answer right in the face. However, in hindsight the answer was kinda obvious for the following reasons:

  • The episodes where she was seen being emotional for no apparent reason, those were finally justified.
  • Her refusal to take the DNA test prior citing that she felt disgusted just by watching Konoe, no one was going to suspect that it had a deeper cause behind it as well.
  • Her closeness to Mei, who hinted that she was close friends with the real little sister and subsequently Yuzurina.
  • The childhood friend portion may or may not have been real, nor does it really matter because it served its purpose as a red herring, to cause viewers into counting her out, in which it did for me.

At the end of it all, I was actually quite surprised at how much “depth” this series had at concealing the final answer, or perhaps I’m just bad at such speculation. If anything, this episode alone seriously improved my impressions of the series as a whole because of how the answer was always in front of us, yet I was never really suspicious of it, due to the harem/romcom nature of the series. Even though the final episode did what it was supposed to – which was settling for a proper conclusion, the series as a whole wasn’t up to scratch – which was to be expected from the start.

Final Impressions:

Finally! I have been waiting for this point so I can “rant” without having to repeat myself every episode. First of all I have to admit I made the wrong choice to choose this over its airing rival Koi Choco, because the latter turned out to be the one that exceeded expectations whilst this turned out to be the standard run-of-the-mill type. However I did not want to switch series halfway through since it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do so, hence I decided to stick to the act of completing this series, partially as a test to see how much I can say when there isn’t much to say.

And thereby the second problem shows up – I don’t have anything constructive to say, period. Admittedly I turn most of my brain off while watching this, (who doesn’t?), and as a series with a harem/romcom nature indicates, it is more of a guilty pleasure show than anything else. Personally I don’t know if focusing on the fan-service is the way to go when it comes to blogging this sort of genre, but it certainly isn’t quite my style. Hence there are posts which have like 300~ odd words which really feels lacking compared to the norm, and I didn’t want to artificially extend on its length by ranting or lavishing needless words on how I think Konoe’s “cream puffs” are awesome or how I prefer X over Y and why.

Instead I opted to post my gripe only at this point because it feels like the right place and time to do so. Ultimately it is more of a stylistic choice than anything, of course I could certainly go on and on about why I think Konoe is the best waifu material, everyone else except Mana and maybe Rinka can go exile themselves, but yeah you get the point..hopefully.

The real final impressions:

Back to the real deal, all I have to say constructively is that this is the standard generic harem/romcom series, with a slight twist. Apparently the source material in which it was adapted from is still ongoing, so I actually have no idea if this was an original ending or not. If so, I would say that it was a good job done considering how they managed to tie matters up.

Truth be told, as the Summer Season comes to an end, NakaImo sits somewhere near the bottom at my personal “ranking” list (I don’t really rank stuff, it just felt somewhere there), not because it was bad given its genre but rather it was just normal. Being normal is ironically not good because ideally it either has to exceed expectations or be highly anticipated in the first place, none of which NakaImo has managed to achieve. Bottom line: Only for seiyuu junkies/people who specifically watch for guilty pleasures.


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