Rinne no Lagrange2 12 FINAL

A Maru (perfect) ending?




Deus ex machina, one of the easiest ways to save the world

First up, let me state that the usage of deus ex machina was something that didn’t catch me by surprise, as for what caught me off-guard, I’ll go into that later. In this final episode of RnL, there were so many moments that screamed “5W1H in hell did this happen?” The world was on the brink of destruction, everyone seemed rather calm (yes this isn’t a mistake), a moment later – A congratulatory message appeared with the words “You have just saved the world!” Oh there was flowers too, lots of flowers.

Everything that magically happened can be attributed to the nature of the Rinne, from Dizelmine pulling an Asteria and turning back into a little boy, to the 1000-year Polyhedron Problem being solved on its own when the planets decided to no longer collide with each other. When you wish hard enough for something, it might just happen, so long as there is something convenient out there called the Rinne, having a Memoria helps greatly too.

Now, I might have been sarcastic for the paragraphs above, but in no way was I shocked or disappointed at the convenience that the Rinne brought about, simply because it has already been established as such. More specifically, throughout the entire course of this series in its second half, it has been more or less made known that the Rinne is supposed contain the answers to the entire plot. The workings of the Rinne wasn’t explicitly explained, but it shouldn’t come across as a total surprise for the Rinne to be able to create miracles, literally.

Moid good sir, what big eyes you have. I was slightly amused at how ironical it was for the Rinne to have a voice, albeit not one that Moid was hoping to listen to. The Jersey Anthem (or whatever it is really called), was a “cute” addition and it certainly fazed Moid. Just as he was about to restart his plan since that song wasn’t the kind of voice he was expecting, he conveniently vanished into thin air as well. His destination, no one knows. Did the Rinne finally accept him or did it need a replacement since Yurikano left (um why is she atoning there in the first place?), there isn’t a need to speculate. He’s gone for good, and that’s that. That act of disappearance might have left a bitter taste in some viewer’s mouth, but personally I don’t really care what happened to him. Plot hole? Yes. Does it really matter? Nah. There isn’t a sequel after this so that is it for the man who came up with a legend all by himself.

World domination, Jersey style

What matters more is arguably the fate of the Jersey Club after saving the world. Honestly this was the little twist that I wasn’t expecting. Initially I was expecting that each girl would split up and go their own way (which was hinted at previously), but nope. Why assist in ruling your nation when you can rule the nation yourself? That also comes with the benefits of keeping in contact with each other since..I mean, who’s there to stop them?

To top it off, Madoka is technically the leader of the Jersey Club, or should I say Jersey Corp now? I’m not sure about how the idea of 3 young girls ruling the world is going to turn out, but again, I don’t really mind either way. Yes it might be lame, unrealistic but in a sense RnL is a series that is tailored this way. That ending could definitely be changed for something more sensible, but overall speaking, I’m satisfied with this episode – and as a closure for the entire series.

Final Impressions:

The most important question to answer is perhaps: “Is this series worth watching?”, so I’ll focus on that first. Personally the answer for me is Yes. But honestly to recommend it to others, is a hard decision to make. S2 of RnL is by far more consistent in terms of how the story flowed, which is also known as pacing. In S2 there is only 1 single episode in which it is fully SoL and not plot related. S1 in generally was more episodic with a “theme of the day feel” attached to it, where one episode could be focused purely on the story, and the next just about nothing. Therefore, S2 definitely feels much more solid compared to S1. Hence, watching S1 + S2 is going to be a little tricky because S1 can be deceiving.

Unlike most shows I watch, I actually marathoned RnL S1 (since it originally wasn’t on my watch list), after hearing slightly positive reviews on it. The first couple of episodes made the series look very “droppable”, hence after watching just episode 1 initially I was like “what is exactly is this?” But as the series went on it turned out that S1 wasn’t such a bad watch after all, save the ending.

Going into S2, there are some various glaring issues that also factored into why I felt that this series could’ve done much better. Nothing too major to impact my viewing experience, but just to throw these out:

  • Quality dip in S2 – Pointed it out before, it even present in the final episode. Some were fairly noticeable even. Despite that, the visuals for RnL still look much better compared to the average series.
  • Plot holes, unexplained endings – I’m not going to list them all out here, but there is more than one plot hole, like Moid for an example. It doesn’t affect the outcome in the grand scheme of things but some people prefer to have their questions not left unanswered.
  • Lacking in the Sci-fi, Mecha department – Actually, I have to say that if you’re watching RnL for these reasons you’re doing it wrong, but still a fair point to make. The premise  included these elements, which might have enticed viewers because of that, only to be disappointed due to the lack of it.

Above all, it is also important to remember that RnL is an original series, and as with all original series go, no-one knows what will happen, where it is headed towards. It can either flop majestically, become critically acclaimed or sit somewhere in between those two. RnL kinda falls into the middle, slightly leaning towards being decent. Admittedly, the bizarre ending of S1 left me a little bewildered, especially for an original series to end just like that. Thankfully, with a second season to tie some of the loose ends up, in which it did, the series as a whole is in a much better shape compared to where it was at after S1. The bottom line is: RnL can be enjoyable to watch, only if you’re not expecting a whole lot out of it.


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