No rest for the wicked – Fall 2012 Preview

New format! Summer season review sold separately.

Foreword: Alright, this is in no way a comprehensive preview as there are charts/much better alternatives out there on the internet. So what you’ll find below are my picks to watch for the Fall 2012 season (Oct-Dec) and why, based on what I’ve “researched”. Also I’ve decided to do the season review on a separate post, assuming if I do one at all. The new format is as follows – I have divided my choices into 3 sections: Must watch, RomCom, Action. Listed in no particular order.

Must watch:
Technically not really a must, but these ought to be the better shows of the season, for whatever the reason. Generally the consensus are that these are the more anticipated, hyped shows as well, therefore they fall into this category.

Shin Sekai Yori

Interesting plot, HanaKana, award-winning novel. In fact I would go as far as to say this might be one of the dark horses (in this category) despite it being fairly pronounced.


Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Um, KyoAni is the studio that is producing this so..I guess that’s it. As shallow as that might sound, they are known for hit series such as Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-On! etc. Visually speaking KyoAni is no slouch either, at the very least their most recent work, Hyouka didn’t disappoint.


The sequel to C, just kidding. Personally I’m most hyped for this one although the character designs do look rather “bishie“. SICK all-star cast, original project, have totally no idea what to expect.


Little Busters!

Adaptation of a very popular visual novel by Key. I’ll be frank here though, I’m not really a sucker for Key VN adaptations. With J.C Staff at the helm instead of the more popular KyoAni, it’s hard to say whether I’ll be impressed or not. Will watch, shed a tear or two? Nah.


Insanely hyped now that it has been revealed that Urobochi Gen is involved. For those who are unfamiliar Uro Gen is the guy behind “masterpieces” such as Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero. Original story, stacked female seiyuu cast. It is hyped for a legit reason.


Sequel to Steins;Gate just as S;G was the sequel to Chaos;Head in terms of its settings. The C;H adaptation was a total flop while the S;G was heralded as one of the best of 2011, how will R;N turn out to be? Personally not too enticed by its premise, but I’m hoping it will live up to its hype like S;G did.

Fully known as the Romance Comedy genre, these types of anime are the staple in each and every season. Mostly paired along with genres like School, Harem and the likes, I watch them because some of them do have the genuine potential to be good, but mostly just for guilty pleasures.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

At a first glance it does seem targeted more towards a female audience, with a female heroine and all, but it doesn’t really matter to me. The PV that I watched had some Engrish in it which was hilarious to say the least, definitely checking this one out for the love lulz.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Standard romcom school. Slightly ecchi with decent looking art. As standard as the genre can get.


Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne

Yet another little sister related anime. I’m not sure what is up with Japan’s interest in little sisters but whatever. Nothing too constructive to say here except I found out that the female lead is only 15 years of age with her debut role. Has Kita Eri in it as well.

To Love-Ru: Darkness

Ever since the sequel to the original TLR was announced for the manga, it is only a question of “when” the TV adaptation will happen. So here it is, ecchier and more outrageous than ever. When I first watched the original I knew next to nothing about seiyuus, now that I looked at the cast again, the female casting is like super stacked. Will watch for plot.

Sukitte Iinayo

Another romance manga targeted for the female audience. Girl meets boy. Might not have much comedic elements? Going to take the usual wait watch-and-see approach for this.


Action speaks louder than words!


Hunger games, anime-style. Definitely seinen. Expect mature themes such as gore, violence. Reminded me of Zetman, Deadman Wonderland so I have a feeling it will be somewhat similar in style to those two, not just the art.

Medaka Box Abnormal

Not impressed with S1, although I heard that it gets better from hereon. Supposedly there is a genre shift into full shounen battles which should be happening within S2.


Zetsuen no Tempest

The premise sounded like it might have some mystery/fantasy aspects. Don’t be deceived by that poster image, having watched the PV, I am rather amazed at how good the character designs looked. That alone is enough to get me sold on checking this out.


Similar to Tempest, has an interesting plot going for it. Has Hikasa Youko, supernatural powers. Standard shounen stuff. PV looked decent as well.



Most interesting thing to note is that this has an Arabian setting, which is so damn rare considering that almost every anime is set in either Japan or other modern parts of the world. Has little kids too although I’m not sure how much of that will come into the bigger picture.

Closing thoughts:

With every passing season, I find myself watching more and more, this season is no exception. That being said, with 16 titles being listed here (the record in fact), I find myself wanting to lower that number by a little. Over time I’ve been lowering the expectation bar, which in hindsight did allow me to enjoy a rider range of shows, but I should practice some restrain here. Most likely I’ll “drop” a couple of shows based on how much their premiere episode manages to impress, or the lack thereof.

At the time of writing this, I have not decided how many or what shows to blog about, although I’m sticking to roughly 3 shows, spread out over the course of the week. As usual I’ll try to get the episode 1s out, but with multiple series airing on the same day, slight delays are to be expected.

This post took around 3 hours to complete, which is quite alarming considering how much actual content there is, the hard part for me is actually coming up with reasons why I’m watching a show other than the standard “it looks good” “it appeals to me”.

Lastly, this post, and many others have been delayed more than I wanted them to, primarily because I was busy playing D3, GW2 for the whole of the Summer Season, now I’ve switched my primary focus back into this site, hopefully things will be speedier from hereon. Additionally I have been thinking about writing about other topics so it is just a matter of them till they start appearing. Probably will start tweaking other sections of the site as well since they have been outdated for quite a while.

As always, if you happen to be a regular reader (gasp!), thanks for the support and if not, I hope you have enjoyed this read, as much as I did writing this..I’ll leave it up to your imaginations.


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