Rinne no Lagrange2 11

Those chairs..they really exist!




Chairs are meant to be sat on

What am I even saying? Well, if you haven’t already noticed, there is always a shot of a chair(s) in each episode. They are used as a form of symbolism to represent the current state that the Jersey Club girls are in. The crux is that the chair shot (not the wrestling kind) isn’t very hard to interpret, therefore I loved the subtle little addition to RnL, which is shaping up to cause a huge storm (pun intended). But seriously, those chairs really existed? Wow.

Despite the background being rather static for most of the episode – actually static isn’t the right word but it felt like it – I have to say that apart from the background looking gloomy throughout, once again the animation quality is noticeably better than the norm, which is like “about damn time”, considering that this is the culmination of the showdown between Madoka and gang comrades vs the big bad guy.

Boss battles aren’t meant to be soloed

If there is a lesson to be learned after this episode, it is definitely: “Attempting to fight a boss battle alone is futile”. I watched in despair bemusement as Madoka, Lan and Muginami all fought a separate clone of the big bad guy, sometimes anger enables certain protagonists to overcome their adversaries, however this wasn’t the case here.

After failing time and time again, that initial surge of rage begins to wear off and is soon replaced by despair. As the saying goes: “The darkest hour is the one before dawn”, what Madoka and her comrades needed was some “encouragement”, along with some food (which ironically became useful), because fighting on an empty stomach is bad!

In true magical girl style, unity is indeed strength – The foe is vanquished, and they lived happily ever after for now. I’m not sure what to feel about this, especially since the battle isn’t quite over yet, although it might very well be. Simply put, I’m kind of underwhelmed by the outcome of this episode, which I thought was rather simplified. There wasn’t any obligatory evil ramblings by Dizelmine, presumably because he is incapable of doing so in his state. There wasn’t any hidden twists, or secret power-ups that occurred, just straight up ownage. Yurikano’s appearance at the end did leave some room to be explored, although that might be just a congratulatory speech and most likely “it is time for you to leave this place” kinda deal.

Some men just want to watch the world burn…after all

Overused reference is overused, for a good reason. In the end, Moid turned out to be more or less someone who just seeks death and destruction because..he simply craves for it. I mean, he has nothing to gain at all from the obliteration of Earth and subsequently the universe right? Again, this disappoints me a little, as I thought that there might be a possibility of him having a heinous plan such as being taking over as the ruler of Polyhedron or something along those lines. I have to admit though it was quite fascinating to note that Moid’s inability to obtain a Memoria despite his attempts goes to show that he has an impure “soul”, thus deemed unworthy and ironically leading to his crazed quest to hear the Rinne’s voice. As Moid’s partner in crime, Queen Asteria turned out to be no more than a pawn in Moid’s hands (see what I did there), now that the world is presumably saved, I wonder about her future plans. I wouldn’t mind more epic trolling by her to be frank, those were entertaining.

The mystery that is the Rinne has also been clarified a little, but as for what purpose does it truly serve, that still remains a mystery. I remember vaguely that it could be harnessed as a source of infinite energy if done correctly, or it could simply exist as a form of a prophecy, or perhaps..an alternative place to live in, for Yurikano’s case.

How will the whole story wrap up from here? While the “everyone lives happily ever after” route is usually the way to go, I am hoping that there might be more than just that. Whatever it may be, it has already been a huge step up compared to when the first season aired.

Random thoughts:

  • Cellphones working underwater in S1, now upgraded and working just about in the middle of nowhere in S2.
  • Interesting flashback on Madoka’s past, why now though?
  • Vilajulio – still can’t spell his name but whatever – lives to fight see another day, called it!
  • Who knew that the Voxes were sentient beings?

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