Kokoro Connect 12

Yui…is that you?




Somehow, this episode of KC hit the home run for me. More specifically, Yui’s plight resonated with a part of myself, as I started to mirror her frustrations to mine. Not bad Kokoro Connect, not bad at all.

Aoki, I choose you!

Finally! It took awhile, but finally it is Aoki’s turn to take up the role of the male lead. Not that I minded Taichi being the white knight and saving damsels in distress, but for once I rather watch someone who is slightly more flawed, slightly more mortal. After this episode, my respect for Aoki’s character increased immensely, not because I didn’t know that he had another side to his usual goofiness, but rather his approach to life and how the way he dealt with his troubles.

First up, the “living life to the fullest” approach. Easier said than done, but whenever someone brings up that approach, it either goes “oh I’m so envious” or “it won’t work out”. Living for the moment is usually frowned upon, but honestly speaking, if you aren’t enjoying life now, what makes you so sure that in the future you will? What I am trying to say is – The future is unpredictable, faulting someone for having a different way of living their life just isn’t right. I’m starting to side track a little, so back to the main topic.

Primarily, it was his temporary state of confusion (due to the regression) that made him forget about his policy as well as reminding him of his first love, Nana. That was enough for him to question his affection for Yui, since she bears a striking resemblance to Nana. However, as rightfully pointed out at Inaban, the solution to his problems was simple. It was the case of over thinking, or over-complicating matters. Sometimes it is all too easy to think too much, when following your heart has all the answers you need.

Now I’m not too sure if taking an impromptu bullet train trip just to confess that you love someone, before, is a logical move to make. But remember Aoki’s philosophy, the fact that he managed to get such a huge burden off his shoulders at the end of it all, is it worth it? I would say that it is.

Needless to say, his unwavering affection for Yui is nothing short of commendable. Work of fiction aside, how many people can claim to be this committed after countless rejections by the other party? It isn’t just a matter of being thick-skinned, but also the notion of “how much longer should I have to persevere?” There will be an eventuality where it is time to simply move on since “love” at this stage isn’t going to last forever.

Ultimately, the ball is still in Yui’s court and she has to decide what she wants to do with it.

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Somewhere along the way, Yui started to make excuses, started to avoid confronting her problems, started to give up. She was yet another victim of half-heartedness, where it didn’t matter in life whether she “won” or “lost” anymore. Apathy might be too strong a word to use here, but in her current state there is some semblance to it. In her own words: “I’m like some side character now” represents the way she views herself after she “decided” to give up on herself.

What exactly caused her to quit karate, to forget about her promise wasn’t really revealed, but it can be inferred that it has to be related to the incident where she was nearly assaulted around the age of 14. Her androphobia (fear of men) caused by that incident ended up impacting her outlook on life negatively, and things started to go downhill from there.

As such, it wasn’t surprising that she loathes herself for leading such a pointless, empty life. The self-fulfilling prophecy of “it can’t be helped” is seriously deadly here. The more we think that we can’t do anything about our lives/situation, the more likely we will never take that first step towards redeeming ourselves. Aoki’s declaration of his love and support for Yui caused her to feel even more unworthy, but his steadfastness finally paid off and it was just enough to give Yui the push that she needed.

In the end, all Yui had to do was to question herself: “What happened along the way that caused me to end up like this?” Her answer was simple as well – To just pick herself up from where she had left off. Her very first step was to embrace Aoki, which I conveniently forgot that she has androphobia so I was wondering for a moment what that was about. But the point is – Sometimes we just need to take that very first step, our fears more often than not makes it look harder than it actually is.

Next week, the focus shifts back to Taichi, on the edge of being exposed and presumably Iori and her family from the looks of the preview, her background is one that intrigues me, what was the exact cause behind her “mask-swapping”?

Random thoughts:

  • The various misunderstandings were hilarious, although I kinda saw that coming.
  • Loved the bit at the end where the young Aoki finally knew who Yui was.
  • Wonder if this is going to be the end of karate rival Mihashi, thanks for the appearance?
  • Yui’s “confession” took me by surprise too. The timing on that was rather awkward.

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