Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 11

Here we go, again!

Slightly NSFW



So..that wasn’t the kind of episode I was expecting considering that this is the penultimate episode. Although an official OVA was announced for March 2013 where the unaired episode 13 will be shown, I am presuming that the story will have to be tied up some form or other by this episode and the next.

Instead, we’re back to square one with zero plot development whatsoever. Ok, so it wasn’t totally zero, but I was expecting something to happen, not some random “filler” episode that we’ve seen plenty in the past. I’m not sure what their game plan is, most likely the conclusion can be squeezed into a single episode considering how “shallow” the storyline is. Alternatively the ending could be reserved for the unaired episode 13 for the sake of boosting disc sales, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening either.

Whatever the case, I’m not setting high expectations for the finale, but at the very least I’m hoping for a semi-proper conclusion to be made.

Saving the damsel in distress

Quite literally.. Miyabi continues to play the role of the damsel while looking distressed over reasons unknown. Perhaps she could be just jealous that she was being pushed aside bumped down the harem ranking in favor of Konoe, hence it was a ploy to seek Shougo’s attention. By that extension, she scored a goal date since it has been known that some male leads can’t say no to anything at all. Thankfully (or not), it was mostly a normal date, where alcohol wasn’t part of the equation. Nothing much to see, but at least I do want to know what is up with Miyabi’s attitude, there might be more to it than just a school girl throwing a tantrum.

In other news, after taking a ride on the merry-go-round, we’re back at suspecting Konoe to be the little sister. Maybe she has her reasons for lying, or maybe something else altogether. At this point, guess what..it doesn’t matter! No more guessing, no more speculation, just waiting for “answers”. In related news, as Miss X continues her investigations on Yuzurina, how will she link her discovery to the ploy by Seri to seize control over Shougo’s company? Next week, everything will come clear, or perhaps not.

Random thoughts:

  • I see only darkness ahead of me..
  • A rhetorical question, but why does Mana still not have her own story?
  • Seems like a normal date..Movies, food, shopping..um swimming? Good idea!

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