Rinne no Lagrange2 10

Mildly reminiscent of certain Yu-Gi-Oh antagonists.




Sorry I can’t help it, whenever I see a contorted face I’m always reminded of the whole Yu-Gi-Oh series.

I have pointed out several times in the past, that the animation quality feels sub-par for some of the episodes, presumably meant to cut production costs, for whatever the reason. One such reason might be that the studio is opting to go all out on important episodes instead, for an episode such as this. Save from a small handful of scenes, majority of the episode looked like what it should have been all along – Of high(er) quality.

It might just be me but I really felt that the series as a whole deserved better, consistent quality in the animation department. Understandably though, there will be underlying reasons why that couldn’t be achieved. Point being, at least this episode got the treatment that all other episodes should have gotten as well.

Why did I bring this up? I don’t claim to be an expert or anything along those lines, but when I take screen caps for an episode, the total number and time taken to filter through is a form of indication of how impressive the episode looked. RnL has consistently produced a variety of visuals despite the overall animation quality, which again is the reason why I felt that it deserved more. Now that I’ve done my semi-rant, it is time to jump into the fray.

There is no peace without war..or at least it is, in this case

Continuing from exactly where the last episode left off, everyone was instantly drawn into chaos that descended rather abruptly. The Jersey Club girls are forced to break the vow that they took a couple of episodes back – Never to use the Voxes for battle again. That was pretty obvious wasn’t it? After all, promises are made to be broken, or rather that is just how thing were made to work out. In light of that, at least we’re treated to the yuri undertones that manage to make their way in with each and every episode. That is like having a cherry on top of the cake, although having said that not everyone likes cherries, which is a shame.

I admit that I’m slightly disappointed at how the antagonist ended up to be a manipulated, crazed Dizelmine, as I certainly thought that there will be a bigger twist involved, which is still a total possibility since they’re still keeping quiet about the grand scheme of things. Dizelmine is merely a pawn in Moid’s hands, and everything seems to go according to his plan thus far (keikaku doori). There is no question about that, with Moid somehow making Dizelmine ride in what is confirmed to be Vox, resulting the opening and corruption of the circle of Rinne (which is tied to the rider’s emotions). But why? Does he simply just want to watch this world universe burn, or is there more to it? I also want to question how and why Dizelmine ended up victim to his schemes, perhaps he genuinely thought it would solve the Polyhedron problem, that he valued protecting his people and caved in to Moid’s “ideas”?

Despite being overwhelmed by a very angry Madoka, Dizelmine went bankai into berserk mode, while proceeding to deal the deathblow to Villagulio. Vilagulio is presumed to be left for dead, but I believe that plot armour provides a decent defense against any and all kinds of odds, so I doubt that would be the last we’ll be seeing of him, although he might be out of commission for the next episode. or two That very act paved way for the “demon” to be unleashed, putting the world at jeopardy, yet again.

With the plot ramping up rapidly for the finale, the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of 3 girls. Wait that sounds kinda familiar, that whole “only I can save this world” business, but whatever. Just about anything can happen, so I’m expecting a whole lot of craziness to occur next considering how the penultimate episode is usually the most action-packed and the last episode is mainly more for wrapping the action up and other loose ends.

Random thoughts:

  • I don’t mention these guys enough, so here’s a shout-out to them!
  • Was Madoka going to go for a kiss? Sadly it didn’t turn out to be so.
  • Lunch boxes in the middle of a war, how thoughtful!
  • Nice roundhouse kick Madoka..In the face!

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