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HNNGGGHHHH! Gimme a second while I wipe that blood off my nose and compose myself (it didn’t really happen fyi). Usually, I don’t really give one or two cents about little kids, or lolis contextually speaking, but this is a little too much. Fortunately, or not, little Inaban did not cause too much damage to us viewers. In other words..Not nearly enough cuteness! I’m sorely disappointed.

After a time-skip, Taichi chose Inaban over Iori and started a new family

Is what I initially thought when I started watching this episode until, “Hey the kids do look kind of familiar..” It didn’t take very long for anyone to realize that Heartseed, or should I say Heartseed#2 wasn’t really going to leave them alone – they are that interesting to observe after all.

Houston, we have a problem

After the body-swapping incident, desires being unleashed saga, I was left wondering what is the next “what if” scenario would be like, and I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. The premise of regressing into a little child isn’t something I haven’t seen before (double negatives), but it is fairly uncommon and most likely unexplored. In a sense it can be classified under time-reversal.

The new case at hand: CRC members are selected “randomly” to turn back into a little kid, which would range anywhere from between a baby to about fourteen years of age, from 12pm-5pm (can’t say if it is daily or not only the specific timing was stated). At first I honestly thought that it wasn’t that bad compared to the previous two phenomenons until I thought harder about it, additionally the episode itself did a solid job at illustrating why it isn’t as simple as “Ok let’s just babysit whoever is affected till 5pm”. There is one exception, Taichi has the necklace of immunity and therefore will be unaffected for as long as it lasts. Why Taichi? He is the main male lead, duh. His white knight qualities of uniting everyone will come into the picture, sooner or later. Also, as pointed out, if everyone turns into a kid, I don’t have to spell out what kind of chaos that will bring about.

Simply complicated

For the most part, on the surface it is indeed playing “family” and tending to whoever got the short end of the stick. However, there are some implications involved, especially for those who are affected. In essence it is akin to digging up your entire past, and transporting it to the present.

Everyone has their fair (or not so fair) share of ups and downs in life. There will always be the good times and the bad times that we’ve had in the past. Pleasant experiences trigger the nostalgia in us just by thinking back at those days and contrarily there are also unpleasant memories, some even painful enough such that we never want to relive that moment ever again.

Remember that as a child, or a young teen, our maturity level is nowhere comparable to the mental state that we’re at today, therefore at that time we lack the cognitive ability to handle negative situations properly, unlike now. This is how and why certain people suffer from trauma/s, a certain psychological barrier that is conceived from a single/series of unfortunate events. Some are unable to overcome them because it is natural instinct to avoid what we fear the most.

Some of these mental scars take a very long time to heal, or in a worst-case scenario, are never healed at all. As a result of that, it directly affects our growth as we transition from a child to a teenager to an adult. Human beings might be good at concealing their past, but the fact remains that each and every one of us have some skeletons in the closet that we never want anyone to know for as long as we live.

Going back to our protagonists, each character affected so far have revealed some kind of dark past that they are forced to reveal to the rest, namely:

  • Yui having some sort of promise that she made with a former rival – Why exactly did she quit karate? What is this promise? If anything she definitely didn’t quit “just for fun”, but rather some kind of circumstance affected that decision.
  • Aoki recalling about his former crush, who ironically resembles Yui – Who does he really love? Is Yui just a substitute? When did his feelings change?
  • Iori with her multiple personas – She did mention that she was abused by some of her stepfathers in the past, that has led to the creation of different personalities to suit others. How does it truly affect her character growth into who she is today?
  • Inaban – She’s scared. Obviously there isn’t much to infer from a child being afraid, but her story to me is like saving the best for last. How exactly did she grow up to become such a person with trust issues and the likes?

Although the episode started off on a lighthearted tune, the situations surrounding each character was also established as well. How will each of them overcome their darker moments in past? I am curious.

Random thoughts:

  • New ED is rather refreshing for a change.
  • INABAN!!
  • Little sister welcoming her brother in a Santa suit, am I living in the wrong country?
  • Note: Clothes, or the lack thereof, are actually a proper concern here.
  • What is the opposite equivalent of girls talk? Wait, I don’t want to know.
  • O-Hello! (word play on ohaiyo) “What a coincidence!” “Actually we’re heading to the same place.”



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