Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 10

In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Warning: NSFW



The real story starts now

Forget what just happened the last two episodes, while we’re at it, forget everything. 10 episodes later, just who is imouto! (Not like it really bothers me) Well I did suspect something fishy last episode and once again my speculation was spot-on. Long story short, Yuzurina isn’t quite the little sister but rather an elaborate scheme planned by Seri and herself to overthrow Shougo in a bid to seize control over his company. That goes to show that the DNA result is indeed falsified, Yuzurina is yet another fake little sister and therefore we still have no idea who the real little sister is.

The more the merrier

Going back to the party dilemma, why invite a single girl when you can invite all five of them? Speaking of which, the last time a ballroom event happened, Miyabi took the spotlight. Does she have something against ballroom parties? Both times she is seen being emotional for no apparent reason. Seeing how she hasn’t got much attention the past few episodes she does it again (stealing the limelight), with the aid of alcohol this time. The more alcohol you drink, the merrier too.

Whether her act of debauchery is under the influence of alcohol or not (I’m inclined to believe it is, despite her taking a shower), somehow the situation ended up…rather awkwardly. Firstly Shougo has some kind of high level resistance (which most harem protagonists possesses) and secondly when tears are added into the mix it gets even messier (slight pun intended).

A not-so friendly reminder

Thanks to the nagging from Shougo’s mom, I was reminded of the initial plot which has somewhat remained unchanged all along – His main purpose of enrolling into his new school is to find a suitable partner. Although his harem continues to grow, Shougo’s indecisiveness also means that there will likely be no proper conclusion because..why choose one when you can take all?

After this episode, only 3 plot points remain:

  • Mana’s “story”, which I feel is unlikely to happen.
  • Seri/Yuzurina’s ploy to take over the company, which will be dealt with in an unsurprising manner.
  • Shougo’s girl of choice, which won’t ever happen, duh.

That also sums up to: “Hurry up and end so I can write my final impressions about it!” Sorry for being a wet blanket, but I’ll leave what I have to say for the final episode instead. Watching it is one thing, writing about it is another. I don’t know, maybe I’m just bad at it – it being ecchi shows. I don’t wanna go on a rant for every episode or make a total mockery out of it so…*shrugs*

Random thoughts:

  • At least gimme Mana’s story!
  • Miyabi and Mei seems unusually close, what’s up?
  • I still think puking rainbows is a better substitute to use for vomiting.
  • Ground breaking news! Some girls have no nipples!
  • In other news..Mana is now pregnant! Oh she ate too much?..
  • As usual, all heroines require a bathing scene so here’s Yuzurina’s.

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