Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 9





A wild little sister appears!.. Literally.

9 episodes later, as I totally predicted, the real little sister appeared out of nowhere. Alright, maybe not out of nowhere but you get the gist. Did I see it coming? Well kinda..someone has to be the little sister after all, right?

Enter Houshou Yuzurina (dat Ogura Yui voice), some distant “cousin” of Shougo who was in fact the mysterious character that had an unusual amount of screen-time last episode, leading to my wild but ironically correct speculation. Interestingly, this particular little sister does not seem to have any romantic interest in her blood brother, which should be rightfully the case. Considering that in the past she had stated otherwise though, I don’t really buy her story.

Every anime needs a pool episode!

Now that the main mystery has been solved (ie Who is Imouto?), we’ve come to the end of NakaImo! there needs to be a new plot, but before that let’s throw in a completely unrelated pool service while discussing the new issue at hand! So, what is the next pressing dilemma Shougo is tasked with? He needs to ask a single girl out for a prom party, whom should ideally be his marriage partner.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem for most of the guys out there, save for two kinds: The ones who have little to no female contacts and the ones who have too many (the irony is strong). Shougo falls into the latter category and now that Konoe, Miyabi and Rinka (possibly even Mana) are fighting for that spot, how/who will he choose?

More than meets the eye?

Meanwhile, I can’t help but suspect that there is more than just that. Mana’s story is yet to be explored, which should happen considering the preview. Also, it isn’t just coincidence that one fine day someone rings your doorbell and claims to be your new neighbour, while also being your little sister at the same time.

Yuzurina is definitely up to something..but as to what she is scheming, your guess is as good as mine. As DNA results can be somewhat faked so there is a possibility of a totally unexpected finale. Unlikely to happen but who knows..

Random thoughts:

  • Shock value: Over 900!
  • Having a meeting by the pool storage room makes no sense but..whatever.
  • Lesson learned: Tickling someone can be potentially misunderstood by someone eaves dropping.
  • Shougo’s bed is sure popular..

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