Rinne no Lagrange2 9

Q: How old are you?
A: Let’s just say I’m 20, 010 years old.
Seems legit..



Ok…that’s a little too old isn’t it? I would say that this is mostly a “set-up” episode, with slices-of-life moments taking up the majority of the episode with a slight glimpse of more shenanigans regarding Moid.

The day Kamogawa snowed

It’s a white Christmas! I’m not sure who starts their Christmas Day off at 6am, doing charity work from dawn till dusk, oh maybe the Jersey Club? I also have idea how they manage to withstand the chill while wearing only jerseys/robes, I really don’t..

In an interesting turn of events, the male counter-part of the Jersey Club are finally disbanding parting ways. I certainly did not see that coming. Since each of them have their own different directions that they want to embark on, it is time to say goodbye, don’t forget the tears and hugs. Although I have a gut feeling we’ll be seeing them again very soon..

Every time I see Madoka being slapped with the post-graduation paper, I cringe a little inside (unrelated rambling). Point being, it forces Madoka to think about what she wants to do in the future, which extends to Muginami and Lan as well. Coincidence or not, the both of them have intentions of returning to their own nations. Well, that wasn’t really surprising considering that they are technically aliens – they have a home to return to. What I find ironical is the timing that they chose to make their intentions known, for one it aligns with the boys going their own ways and for two we all know that it isn’t going to happen, not yet.

The queen is back

She is back ladies and gentleman, the queen Maycun who is the cause of the tragedy 20,000 years ago is back (actually she was here all along). Except she conveniently lost her memories while she returns to seek vengeance redemption. Now the question is: Is being 20, 010 years old actually young or old for her? I’m guessing they are revealing her background bit by bit over the next few episodes to tie in with the finale that is almost imminent upon us.

Someone else is also back, with a vengeance. The glimpse that we caught of Moid in the previous episode didn’t reveal very much, and this episode did expand on it, just a little though, like slowly adding pieces of a jigsaw to the puzzle. I’m not sure what his exact motives are, but clearly he is up to no good. Now I wonder if Dizelmine is being manipulated or if he is a true jerk from the very beginning, seems to be the former although it could be either. I was actually convinced that he made up with Vilagulio a couple of episodes back but now it seems to be just a farce.

With the confirmation from Asteria that those weird symbols seen on Dizelmine/Moid is actually a Memoria, it reaffirms my speculation that Moid was indeed a Vox pilot alongside Asteria 20,000 years ago. Details are scarce right now, but judging from the looks of the preview, it seems like we’re about to be in for a ride.

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