Kokoro Connect 10

Caution: Many tears were shed.




I actually lost count of how many shots I have taken of Inaban crying her heart out. Not that it lessens the impact that this episode had anyway, but damn her tears could certainly fill a bucket or something. Information corner: Crying is actually a natural form of stress relieve by the way.

Cutting straight to the chase

It is time for the less-seen-but-still-used-now-and-then field camp episode, where boys attempt to sneak into girls tent teamwork and friendship is promoted! Yes, that was lame. The earlier portion of the episode basically affirms the notion that Inaban has feelings for Taichi, Iori with her women’s intuition, manages to sniff that out (it’s darn obvious, for us viewers at least), and confronts Inaban.

The climax of this arc certainly delivered. The showdown confrontation between Inaban and Iori was inevitable, and that made me put on my thinking cap because it really hit home regarding several topics (which is rare these days since most shows require no brain activity whatsoever, I’m looking at you NakaImo). I’m not sure if I can get my all my thoughts across but here it goes anyway:

First of all I am surprised and rather impressed with Iori, at first I thought her anger was purely caused by her desire being unleashed and that she is taking out her frustrations on Inaban, but that wasn’t the case at all. Most of her anger actually stems from her worries for Inaban. Rather, she is annoyed with Inaban that she chose to keep matters to herself instead of consulting the rest. Not the best way to express her concern, but hey better than nothing right?

Sometimes human relationships is stronger than what we believe it to be, and Iori is exactly the proof of that. Her willingness to be best friends with Inaban no matter what happens is something that is very real yet rare at the same time. There are people out there who look beyond the surface when it comes to making friends, who are always there for you when the going gets tough, who accepts you for what you are, and not who they want you to be. These are the people who are like diamonds in the rough – well hidden but always there to be discovered.

Onto Inaban, her character is one that I can empathise with, because I feel that it is a common trait in human beings in this time and age (not the tearing part). As predicted previously, she is currently in a dilemma as over time she started to have feelings for Taichi and that was a direct threat to the well-being of the CRC, who are friends that she treasures a lot. As a result she chose to put up a strong front because she knew that deep down inside she felt inferior because of her flawed personality. In other words, she was afraid of being judged which leads to losing her only group of friends because of that. Needless to say, having the truth exposed could also potentially cause awkwardness within the group, but facing reality together is the way to go rather than keeping everything to yourself.

One thing to note, obviously this is a work of fiction and honestly not every conflict can be resolved in such a “peaceful” manner, Iori does not mind having Inaban as a rival and all but while a happy ending is what we all like to see since it warms our heart, it is important to remember that the opposite exists as well. Confrontations can turn really ugly and this is why most of us we dread to face the truth – the possibility of failure exists; that is what we fear.

Worst Best confession ever?

I’m not sure where Inaban got the balls guts to do that but what a way to end this arc. I really liked how she decided to be more honest herself. Ideally, this how we should move on, not by dwelling on the past but instead look forward and strive to be a better person. Seriously, what a confession..surely they don’t exist in the reality, or do they?

Random thoughts:

  • I got trolled by Heartseed, I thought that the whole Taichi falling down affair was actually real due to the foreshadowing earlier.
  • I don’t really mention this enough, but I’m seriously impressed with VAs for constantly putting in so much effort to voicing their characters, those emotions certainly felt real, all that shouting and crying.
  • Really looking forward to seeing Inaban’s cheerful side, which hopefully isn’t a one episode deal.

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One Response to Kokoro Connect 10

  1. Earthling says:

    Many tears were shed indeed. The confrontation scene is the highlight for me many thanks to the excellent voice acting from both the VAs. I do miss the confident Inaban so very much. Girly moment is icing on cake.

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