TGX 2012

The Game Xpo’12!







Short first person recount

Basically I felt that I went on the wrong day, this was day 2 out of the 3 days that the event was held (7-9 September). Mainly because there wasn’t much happening on the main stage since the finals are held on the last day. I watched a CS:Online group stage match and a Starcraft 2 match and that was about it for stage events since I went down rather late at around 4pm+.

As usual I did check out the cosplay and to be frank I’m not really a fan of squeezing and waiting for the right moment just to take a picture of them. I guess some people are really that dedicated huh? I don’t carry a proper camera around for that matter so it is just me and my trusty iPhone camera, which does the job just fine in my opinion.

I’m not sure why most cosplayers were gathered outside the exhibition and further more I’m mildly annoyed by the crowd and at a certain point even security personnel came down to put a stop to the photography. Unfortunately I did spot a decent cosplay of Saber/Nero from Fate/Extra but wasn’t able to quite get a picture of that.

In the end it is mostly just me walking around in circles to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything interesting, which the pictures should do a better job at that. I wasn’t expecting much since this is mainly a games exhibition but cosplay and the likes go hand in hand with that I guess. The exhibition was only half the size of convention hall so there wasn’t a lot to see, booths weren’t that all interesting either

Before I left I did record some Dragon Nest PvP footage between the staff and some cosplayers as a show match between them, although I felt it wasn’t terribly exciting to spectate. I am contemplating whether to upload those onto Youtube but honestly the odds aren’t high since I myself don’t feel that they are worth the hassle. I have no idea what is going on at all and if I felt that watching it live itself was kinda boring, so a slightly shaky footage isn’t going to be of any help either.

Moral of the story: go on the right day!


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