Kokoro Connect 9

Yui is back, and cuter than ever!




If it is broken, fix it!

Contrary to the popular saying that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, when something is broken, it is time to repair it. That something in this case refers to the friendship between the members of the CRC as everyone decided to stay away from each other in fears that their deteriorating ties could worsen at any moment should another desire be unleashed.

Often easier said than done, it takes a lot of courage and great deal of pride-swallowing to apologize, and make-up with the other party. I think part of the reason why humans are so afraid to face the music is because we never really what know the other party is thinking about/feeling currently. Could they be still angry? Or are they apologetic and perhaps even having a hard time as well? Because of that, we all have a tendency to assume, and usually we also assume too much in that process. “They’re probably still mad at me” or “I think it is better if we’d all cool off a little more” is a thought that often crosses our minds whenever things turn sour, and in the end matters are just left hanging in limbo until someone decides to take the first step.

Taichi being the man, after receiving guidance from the previous episode, takes the very first step. Fortunately for him, both Iori and Aoki aren’t the type of people who would take matters to heart or bear a grudge. Take a seat, have some coffee talk it out and who knows it might just turn out for the better (nice piano solo during Iori’s portion).

The problematic couple duo

That leaves us with just Yui and Inaban who are still distancing themselves from the rest. Thankfully, all Yui needed was some solid convincing, although that was accompanied by a sense of slight disgust (Aoki, not sure if I should salute your efforts or face palm). In fact, an interesting point was brought up which was the key to persuading Yui. Not all desires are innately bad, there is always the desire to help people out, or to do something positive. As long as that desire is stronger than another, (ie protecting someone over hurting them), theoretically the stronger desire should take precedence. While it sounds simple on paper, it takes a whole lot to be able to achieve that, but as long as we strive to become a better person, our negative impulses will slowly but surely decrease.

As a side note, it is worth noting that there will also be people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand, and sometimes all we have to do is to ask for it. Yui’s subsequent return to school is reminiscent of that, as her friends were rather worried for her. (Or at least they claim to be, as there was not a single actual visit though?)

The last boss

Now that Yui’s problem is supposedly solved, that leaves us with the final boss – Inaban. Unlike Yui, whose main concern lies with not wanting to physically hurt others, Inaban’s situation is much more complex – in that it lies on a deeper psychological level. Looking back at the body-swapping arc we caught a glimpse of Inaban’s true nature, that she has trust issues and therefore more flaws with her personality compared to the others. In other words, something is troubling her deeply and it isn’t just her merely avoiding others for the sake of avoiding conflict.

Heartseed pays her a visit and two crucial factors were brought to light:

  • Inaban cares about the well-being of the group, perhaps more so than anyone of them else since she has little friends due to her character. The other factor could potentially cause a total fallout with everyone and that is what she is so desperately trying to prevent.
  • Inaban loves Taichi. It wasn’t outright stated, but heavily implied. It makes sense too, if this matter were to be made known to the others, it would certainly cause an uproar. Given the fact that they are also prone to revealing their true feelings, emotions might flare and things might just start snowballing out of control from thereon.

Inaban is in a rough spot, her dilemma is something I could understand. She definitely does not want to create drama within the group, especially with Iori since they supposedly have feelings for each other. Being the “third-party”, she has opted to lock up her feelings, however with Heartseed putting a clock on her, she will definitely have to do something about those feelings whilst she can. With the field camp trip coming up next, the stage is certainly set for more drama to happen, as the preview indicates.

Random thoughts:

  • The love hotel idea was kinda dumb, yet ingenious at the same time. Yui did say yes after all, to school that is.
  • Aoki’s fantasies are certainly running wild.
  • A wild Ishihara Kaori spotted/heard!
  • I wonder how Yui manages to skip school for an extended period of time.
  • There is a reason why gluttony is one of the seven sins, heh.

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