Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 8

What is wrong with this picture?

Warning: NSFW



What the heck just happened? Or rather, what is this sudden turn of events? Before I go into that, let me briefly mention that the Konoe + Miyabi combo and Miss X going full commando seems to be a staple lately, not that I mind watching those but honestly..what can I say constructively say about that? “Oh they are going at it again!” “I really wonder how the both of them get by at home given this persistent yet awkward atmosphere”

Back to Rinka’s route, this episode was basically broken down into two segments. The first half at the amusement park served as a build-up where strangely half of its focus went to Mana instead. I have to say out of all the heroines, she is the one that is the most mystifying to me. Under that childlike appearance there has to be something more than that. Essentially there wasn’t any real sense of purpose behind the outing except to showoff more service, wait that raccoon strap looks kinda familiar..

As it turned out, Rinka is the culprit after all (who else could it be?). However I feel that her background story was weak, in fact the weakest among them all. Being engaged to the director’s son doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me. The question of “so what?” is to be asked here. So what if she is obliged to help out her future father-in-law? Can’t she tell Shougo directly instead of resorting to such trickery instead? I don’t know, although I usually tend to not take such oversights seriously, sometimes they do stand out too much and when things get to this stage I find it hard to overlook. I mean, the childhood friend deal with Konoe and Miyabi is overused, but hey they are overused for a reason – because they “work”. Mei’s tale isn’t the most convincing either but I can give it the benefit of the doubt.

If that wasn’t enough of a head scratcher, what happened next added more question marks onto my head. Rinka suddenly joins Shougo’s harem, without any rhyme or reason, it just happened. There was talk of Shougo wanting to cancel Rinka’s engagement but just what is this situation? Either things are developing way too quickly, or am I missing the memo? I tried to make some sense out of what had just transpired but I am led to believe otherwise – that it isn’t supposed to make any sense.

Anyways, bizarre ending for Rinka aside, I guess she is now officially part of the harem and will be competing with Konoe and Miyabi for Shougo’s affections..Hurray? He seems pretty unmoved though.

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