Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 7

So this is what they mean by rose-tinted glasses huh?

Warning: NSFW



Finally! 7 episodes later Shougo realized that DNA tests is the way to go rather than opting to believe in their claims. Like I’ve said a couple of episodes back, that should be the first logical step to take, so I’m kinda glad that at least the story did not overlook that. While a single strand of hair was enough, going down that route does not leave much room for fan-service compared to alternatives such as saliva and “bodily fluids“..By that I mean blood/urine.

More importantly there was an inspection by the board of directors (primary antagonist anyone?) and that resulted in an opportunity for the new-fake-little-sister to strike. Ironically that person also used the same voice changer function in the prototype phone that she managed to lay her hands on, which Mei “accidentally” threw away while spring cleaning (that was certainly convenient). What caught my eye though, was this girl that was part of the board, something is definitely up with her, since she was given too much screen time to be considered an unimportant character. Might just be the real little sister, calling it now.

The next heroine to take the stage is Rinka, and for some reason I believe that she is the culprit behind the broadcasting incident. Their hair lengths seem to match and by the process of elimination there are no other options left but her. Assuming my speculations are correct, I wonder what her real motives are for doing that. The final few seconds before the episode ended seem to indicate that something is up as well.

I’m not sure what is the deal with the newly formed disciplinary committee and Shiga. I have a feeling that it isn’t anything too major and Shiga is just yet another addition to the ever-increasing amount of side characters.

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