STGCC 2012

Surprisingly this is quite a lot of “work”..





Important disclaimer: These pictures (the ones you see here) were taken in HQ (2448 x 3264 / 3264 x 2448) with a file size of 2mb~ per picture. So uploading each and every one of them is not a good move since the resolution is too huge and it takes up way too much storage space. The method which I used to convert them into SQ (from prior events) was to first upload them onto Facebook before re-saving each and every one of them, rename and re-upload them to WordPress.

As you might already have figured, this becomes an increasingly tedious process proportionate to the amount of pictures taken. So instead of doing that for all 142 pictures taken, I have decided to just make the photo albums on Facebook public (it loads faster too). You will need a Facebook account to view them.

Cosplay photos here (70)

Everything else here (72)

Short first person recap:

Arrived later than I expected at around 2.30pm~. Piko’s performance was supposed to last from 2pm-3pm but apparently I arrived at just the right time. Took a couple of videos for some songs. The screaming was fine at first but later on when the fans demanded for an encore (which they got), it started to get real bad (for my ears).

Roamed around the stage area afterwards to take pictures of cosplayers before moving into a neighbouring exhibition hall where all the cosplayers were gathered at. Some of them were really impressive, and they want their photos taken so..obligations fulfilled!

Taking pictures of them was a surprisingly long affair given how many of them were actually present, after spending about 1 hour, it is time to move back to the main exhibition. Took pictures of whatever caught my attention, there was LOTS AND LOADS of toys/comics on sale so most of them aren’t reflected on the photos.

Realized it was time for the Cosplay Runway which is supposed to start at 5pm (it was slightly past 5pm), once again I made it just in time for the start of it. Moved closer to the main stage but it looks like my phone was not very effective even at a much closer range compared to the position I was at earlier at the stage area. Managed to take a video of Ironman’s entrance as well as the ending portion of it.

By this time it was past 6pm and people were starting to leave, booths were starting to pack up too. Walked a few more rounds to see if there was anything of interest that might happen but unfortunately nothing of that sort happened. Slightly exhausted, it was time to head back home.

Damage done: $15 – Entrance ticket.


I know this writeup isn’t anything too fanciful, partially because I’m tired although I do want to push this post out ASAP. If anything I would rather let the pictures and videos do the “talking” since they do a much better job than my words. It was mostly just walking around taking pictures, rest rinse and repeat. It was tiring to be on the move constantly but it was also a fulfilling experience as well. Each year the scene just seems to grow bigger and bigger, last year I made an impromptu trip so this year I came slightly more prepared (with a camera in other words).

The aftermath was to upload everything which was frankly a new experience for me as well since I’ve not figured how to upload videos beforehand. Luckily I found out that there was an option to upload directly from my phone to Youtube since Facebook fails at uploading videos. I know I should probably re-sized all the HD photos into something more reasonable but well Facebook does a good job at converting those so..

There is still TGX’12 next weekend which I will be attending so look forward to that as well, if you’re a fan of games and the likes.


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