Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 6

Mysterious black holes – Shocking viewers and characters alike since 2002.




Rumour has it that you would need a special kind of eye wear in order to look past these gaping black holes along with their cousins – the copious amounts of steam and beams of light sabers. Oh, is this what censorship is supposed to mean?

Maid Cafe – serious Moe business!

Last episode we learned that Mei had intentions of closing down her cafe and leaving for America, due to the financial state of the cafe. Shougo, being the busybody hero that he is, offers to lend a helping hand. Well, I guess aspiring entrepreneurs could learn a tip or two right here. This is moe business after all!

  • Advertisement – Never underestimate the power of advertisement and why companies pay ridiculous amounts of money in order to advertise their products. It is by far the most effective way of making yourself known. Having extra money helps tremendously.
  • Quality – It is important that you live up to your word, so in this case having godawful food, ugly waitresses isn’t going to be helpful. Solution: employ get some talented help for absolutely free.
  • Cater to the minority – While it is important to satisfy the majority, catering to the minority is always a good move to boost some extra sales and always remember that the minority are usually the more vocal crowd. Never underestimate them.

Another imouto bites the dust

After all that fluff and stuff, Shougo managed to trick Mei into revealing that she isn’t the little sister, as well as the culprit who was behind the perpetual morning calls at 6.00am sharp. In the end this was some elaborate scheme by Mei in order to divert Shougo’s attention from the “real” little sister. I don’t buy her reasoning for doing that though, it just sounded extremely dumb, not that I expect much realism in the first place of course.

After this scandal incident, Mei joins Konoe and Miyabi in the “officially out club”. With 2 left heroines to go, part of me really just wants to skip right to the finale and find out what the lame trick is all about. I am seriously not expecting any sort of a proper conclusion given the nature of this series, so at this point in time my expectations are as good as none. If anything, I’m more impressed by the recent episodes of KoiChoco, should’ve went for that instead..Oh well.

Random thoughts:

  • Least interesting heroine finally dealt with, next please!
  • Spot the references?

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