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Either it is just me or the series as a whole, but I am finding the slice-of-life genre more bearable to watch these days, as long as it isn’t purely SoL that is.

A new crisis emerges!

After saving the galaxy from a potential all-out war, Madoka faces a new crisis. The Jersey Club is going to be disbanded. They are facing eviction from their clubroom storage room because they aren’t an official club with an official clubroom. Similar to the other 2318 anime in which the protagonists find themselves in a same predicament, the only solution is to recruit.

Following the footsteps of the 2318 anime, apparently recruiting new members is serious business difficult. For some unknown reason, nobody wanted to join despite the trio being known for being saviors, perhaps people dislike being around “aliens”? Well, as the saying goes it takes a weird person to attract another weird person (I made that up), the mysterious phantom girl finally makes her official appearance. Miki Reiko is actually not a ghost like I had initially thought but rather a super high level stalker with maxed out stealth skills.

Watching the Jersey Club carrying out their duty was something that was prevalent in S1 but lacking in S2 thus far, I have to admit it was refreshing to see them in action once again. Miki certainly provided good entertainment by being more of a hindrance than of a help, not that I minded though.

It turned out that Miki misunderstood the activities of the Jersey Club as she thought that it included riding a Vox. Seriously? One does not simply ride a Vox. Maybe except for a ballooned version. In the end it was easy come, easy go as Miki realizes that she wanted to start her own robot club (or maybe she realized how creepy the Jersey Club is). In the end the Jersey club lived to fight another day as they were no longer required to move out. So much for all the trouble (literally) that they’ve went through.

Always remember to include some form of plot

I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into this, but the talk between Machiko and Yoko felt like there was a purpose behind that. I mean, why tell us that now? Is there a specific reason behind it or was it just some sort of filler? For now, knowing that Yoko is bound to her past doesn’t really mean a whole lot, perhaps it might serve as a plot device in the future? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem all that random but at the same time it felt like it was something important.

More importantly, it is always crucial to add in some kind of a overarching plot, despite having the episode being mostly SoL. Zombie Desk Car is an example that really comes to mind here, where it is just jokes and comedy for the most part before a short segment of plot before the episode ends.

Right now, your guess is as good as mine, as I have little idea what Asteria meant by her words and what that whole “tablet turning into a crystal” is about. My gut feeling tells me that it is related to Asteria, maybe that is her “soul” or something. As for Moid, everyone knew he is up to no good since the beginning and he is finally starting to show bare his true colours, right now not much is revealed but it does look like he is one of the pilots alongside Asteria from the tragedy 20,000 years ago.

The preview indicates that SoL will still be the main dish of the day, while I’m interested in Asteria and Moid’s tale, I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to more goofiness from the Jersey Club.

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