Kokoro Connect 8

Are human beings meant to hurt one another?




As tension continues to rise between the members of the Cultural Research Club, it was ironically the side characters that provided the wisdom this time.

Make or Break

The crisis continues as the friendship between the CRC members further deteriorates. With Yui and Inaban choosing to isolate themselves in order to prevent further potential clashes, the club is only left with the other 3 remaining members. In the heat of the moment, tempers flared as Aoki and Taichi argued over what I deem as “petty little differences”. While I agree that their current predicament led them to all having a short fuse, shouldn’t they be more conscious of that fact and instead try to exercise more self-control instead?

Interestingly enough Taichi realized how his outburst wasn’t caused by the voice in the head but rather it was his own true feelings. The message I got from this was that things are slowly approaching the boiling point, where a complete meltdown is soon to follow after. When a sincere apology doesn’t work anymore, the only remaining choice left is to let everyone cool off by purposely giving each other the cold shoulder. Granted, it isn’t a perfect solution, but everyone except Iori seemed to be heading towards that direction – that prevention is better cure.

Side characters stealing the spotlight?

Ultimately, silent treatment solves nothing. Some people dodge the issue in hopes that the  problem will slowly fade away, but the real truth is that the problem will never really resolved but rather it will be pushed aside and locked away in the deepest confines of our heart. So why do we still feign ignorance then? The answer is simple..Ignorance is bliss, that saying is true to a certain extent. Not facing the issue at hand is the easiest way out without any conflict.

Oddly enough the characters who offered the words of advice to Taichi were the side characters, class rep Fujishima and Heartseed Gouto-sensei. Although their advice hit a home run, in that it nailed the solution to what Taichi and the others must do in order to overcome their hardships, it is always the case of “easier said than done“. More often than not we know deep down inside the answers to our concerns, but to execute that very answer would be equivalent to stepping out of our comfort zones, into the land of uncertainty and doubt. We’re often afraid of failures, and that leads us to regrets. However I always believed in the saying that “it is better to regret something that you’ve done rather than something that you didn’t do“.

At the end of the day, it still comes down to our resolve and conviction to face whatever may lie ahead of us. Talking it out with each other was the exact solution the CRC members had to undertake, but each and every one of them were playing it safe because negative experiences in the past have hurt the feelings of one another, a repeat of that is the last thing that they would like to see.

Question of the day: To hurt or not to hurt?

Lastly, this is the core question that we have to ask ourselves. True friendship is forged from not the good times that they’ve shared but rather by going through the tough times together. No relationship is perfect, disagreements and arguments will inevitably surface and both parties end up getting hurt in the process. To be able to reconcile and move on is the key to withstanding the test of time.

It is all too easy to lose sight of what we really hold dear and what is most important to us in the midst of the chaos. Once we sort our thoughts out, what we need to do suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Random thoughts:

  • I knew the five of them were going to group up despite the CRC members not wanting to.
  • Looks like the club got a replacement table for the one that Yui broke!
  • Yui had no lines this episode or even appearance for that matter, not counting the preview of course. I’m sad.

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