A short first person recount.

I’m ultra tired, so this will be a brief write-up with not much fanciful language.

After reaching at around 10.10am (event starts at 10am), I saw a long queue outside before realizing it was for the Vanguard tournament and not for the main area itself. Found Nagi’s booth and apparently the disc sale starts at 3pm. There was a priority list and surprisingly there was only 2 names on it so far, a guy sneaked past me and wrote his name down while I was clarifying some points so I ended up with at 4th position.

A huge queue suddenly arrived shortly after me. Turned out that only the first 50 or so people in line will be able to get the CD as it was in limited stock. Walked around, taking pictures while waiting for friend to arrive. Walked around again before heading out to eat lunch and checked out the food fair in the same area.

Basically AFKed till roughly 3pm where the queue started forming outside. RARE ITEM GET! Nagi kept on signing until 5pm where her stage appearance was canceled because she was exhausted (I kept checking periodically and stuff was selling really fast, or rather the queue just seemed endless). Turned out that she signed for approximately 180 people! Says she is surprised by the amount of support down here and that she’ll definitely be back in the future.

Bought my STGCC ticket, which I will be attending next weekend! Not sure which day yet. Also popped by a local game store and was surprised that they actually had GW2 in stock! Alas the now infamous error 37 42 is still happening and I can’t install the game because I totally forgot that my disc drive went to hell.

Total damage done:

  • Disc – $20
  • Shirt – $40 (!!)
  • Nice piece of art – $3
  • GW2 – $80
  • Food – $20+$4+$2.5+$4
  • Travel – ~$5
  • STGCC ticket – $15

$173.5..Ouch. Actual merchandise only amount to $63 and further more if I were to remove the “must-buys”, the item which I splurged on was the $3 art piece. While most of the day was spent waiting/walking around, I’m glad that more people turned up compared to the previous year, not because I like to squeeze or vie with them over goods but because the anime scene here is growing slowly but surely.

Unrelated rambling: I really need to find a more efficient way to upload SQ photos from my phone. The pictures are originally HQ (2448×3264/3264×2448) so I needed to upload them to FB where they are converted to SQ before saving them all and then proceeding to uploading them here.


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Professional troll by day. Enigmatic soul by night. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Light. やりたい事とやるべき事が一致する時、世界の声が聞こえる
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