The 100th Post!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the status update that has been in the works overdue for quite sometime now..

Important disclaimer:
The purpose of this post is not to generate expectations but rather give a heads-up as to what will be happening in the near future.

The story that you didn’t know

It has been roughly 5 months since I’ve started this site up because I wanted an alternate avenue, a personal space where I could start to build up a small presence by sharing with the world my interests.

5 months later, I’ve pretty much only written anime episodic reviews with an occasional live event coverage or some oddball stuff. Point being, I felt that it has come to a point where I have to make a decision regarding the site’s future direction since things have been pretty stagnant in terms of new content for a while now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with just doing purely episodic reviews, but after doing it for quite some time I came to a conclusion – that episodic posts isn’t terribly exciting to write once the initial enthusiasm has faded off a little. Furthermore I’ve been observing (while not writing) and noticed that episodic blogging is kinda old school in this time and age in the anime blogosphere. While it is still a staple feature that most sites do, but frankly speaking ever since I’ve started writing I always wondered to myself: “Why would I want to read what others have written? (Especially when it is a HUGE WALL OF TEXT)

In the end there is no definitive answer to that question, but the most common conclusion would be to “gain insight to another persons opinion” or simply for “entertainment value“. In light of that two points, I’ve been working towards that in terms of my writing skills and style, but at the same time I realized that episodic blogging can only allow me to do so much since the perimeter in which I can work on is limited (ie the episodic itself).

Some decisions are never easy to make

Therefore it has come to a point where I told myself that I have 3 options to take:
(in no particular order)

  1. To do nothing and continue things as it is.
  2. To close shop and take an “indefinite hiatus”.
  3. To start expanding and working on other “projects”.

Now, I admit that I am a lazy person and procrastination is my good friend, that is why my posts aren’t all that timely. It is also why I’ve only been toying around with ideas but never really implementing them as it translates to dedicating more time and commitment. That being said though I’ve come to a temporary conclusion which is a compromise between the options.


Basically I’m thinking about introducing several changes in addition to the episodic blogging that will remain unchanged, with a big caveat – there will be no specific time frame for when and if these changes do occur. Possible additions include:

  • Site update – Not a total revamp in terms of layout and such, but several pages of the site as well as the links could use some updating.
  • Editorials – An article with my opinion on a certain topic, which can be on anything and everything, not just anime/game related.
  • Twitter – Twitter is something that I’ve really neglected using, in fact I only use it to help “advertise” the site whenever I publish a post. I may use it to post some random thoughts, provided I get into the habit of doing it. Yes I am a Facebook user and therefore I hardly see the merit of using Twitter at all. Even so I do recognize the necessity and the benefits of Twitter so I’m thinking of getting it started up again.
  • Gaming – Unfortunately my current PC setup is not powerful enough to stream games (I tried it out), so as much as I would like to I can’t do it. That being said though, I will be playing Guild Wars 2 along with Diablo III and I might write a guide or blog about my experiences with the games.
  • Traveling – I really like traveling around the world, but traveling requires not just money, but also the commitment as well as thorough planning (ie not being lazy). Right now I’m looking at a trip at the end of the year, and for next year I’m thinking of at least a couple of trips (since I’ve pretty much spent this year working on the site on and off).

Again, there is no guarantee that any of the points listed above might become reality at all, these are just ideas that I have been thinking of and how to implement them. They do take up a lot of time and commitment so I really have to shift gears and chances are they will eventually be done in some form but only when and if I get down to it.

Last but not least

One of the main reasons why I’m content with things remaining as it is, is because that the site is still rather small and personal. Most of the time I feel like I’m just writing to an imaginary audience, but even so I still put in the effort to make my posts presentable. I’ve not done much advertising and promotion throughout all this time (I dislike shameless advertising). I don’t exactly know where the viewership and view counts are coming from (Ironically I suspect most of the views to come from bots), but if you happen to be a regular reader I thank you for the continued support and readership. If you happen to be a passerby I hope you’ll check out my other posts to see if it floats your boat.

I’m getting rather wordy here so I’ll tie the post up since that is mostly what I have to say for now. Follow me on Twitter if you want! *hint hint* As usual comments and feedback is always welcome! Thanks for reading.


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Professional troll by day. Enigmatic soul by night. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Light. やりたい事とやるべき事が一致する時、世界の声が聞こえる
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