Rinne no Lagrange2 7

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I’ll be frank upfront – My initial thoughts are that this episode wasn’t all too interesting given how this is an episode that wraps up the whole “Le Garite vs De Metrio / Dizelmine vs Villagulio” arc nicely before heading into the next. Basically this episode served as a conclusion before transitioning into the next arc. Nonetheless there are still a couple of noteworthy points worth mentioning.

All’s well that ends well

After nearly causing two nations to break out in an all-out war, the brothers of Lan and Muginami decided to put aside their differences and work together to solve the 1000-year Polyhedron Problem. Of course that wasn’t their initial intention, but thanks to the combined effort of Madoka’s punch/lecture (whichever is more effective) and Yurikano’s brief appearance was enough to sway both sides to make peace during the intergalactic conference.

Now that the crisis has been (temporarily) averted, there is still one thing left to do. Saying one of the hardest lines in the world: “I’m sorry”. We’ve seen the girls kiss and make up literally, the brothers reconcile, now it is time for them to mend their respective brother-sister relationship.

That concludes the arc and my prediction was kinda spot on – This was a form of a build-up, meant to develop characters such as Yurikano, Dizelmine and Villagulio as well as revealing more information regarding the exact nature of Rinne and the tragedy behind Milita Zodia. That being said, the best is usually saved for last, so in the meanwhile something else has to fill in between the gaps. Which leads us to..

Sliced off Life (slice of life)

It wasn’t as prevalent as it was in S1, but RnL does actually have SoL elements to it. Due to the past few episodes focusing heavily on story, SoL moments were still present but they weren’t heavily emphasized since the main focus was on the plot itself. Point being, now that the arc has concluded, for now. RnL is now shifting gears, going into SoL mode.

In S1 there were episodes solely dedicated to SoL (ie nothing much happening in terms of main plot development), and I kinda missed that coming into S2. From the preview it does seem like a side story will occur alongside the school-life of the Jersey Club. Essentially it does mean that SoL will be the main genre of the day for as long as the side story last.

For the SoL moments this episode, it is mostly girls talk, about love no less! There was also the “renewedvow that they took – To never use the Voxes for fighting purposes again. Well, it was dead obvious that their promise is meant to be broken, as there will be no more plot if the whole Rinne affair ended just like that (duh!).

More than meets the loli eye

Hello Asteria Queen Maycun, you are the last piece of the puzzle behind the mystery of the Rinne. As you’ve kindly pointed out, there were two tragedies in the past that was caused by the Rinne. One of those was Yurikano and the destruction of Militia Zodia, the other was caused by you.

As with Yurikano, I’m sure we’ll find out what exactly happened to Asteria, the tragedy that happened 10,000 years ago, how she ended up in this form, and her exact purpose/intentions. Before that though it is time for a change in pace, a little SoL wouldn’t hurt now would it?

Random thoughts:

  • Madoka literally pulls no punches huh, scary.
  • Madoka being terrible at maths, not surprising at all.
  • Glad to see Madoka’s signature Maru making its glorious return!
  • Episode quality was actually atrocious though, though it wasn’t totally unexpected since this wasn’t a crucial episode.

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