Kokoro Connect 7

The truth can hurt (in more ways than one).




In true KC fashion, things started off on a lighter note before turning up a couple of notches on the “serious business” meter. Almost like an appetizer before the main course, we’re shown the mildly harmful consequences of unleashing our inner desires in the first half before bringing out the real deal in the second half.

The force desire is strong with this one.

The desire to sleep is a strong one. Having sufficient rest is a basic necessity for all human beings to function, thus when we are tired the brain will start to automatically prioritize sleep above everything else. Ever had a moment where you were doing something important but at the same time you wanted to sleep so badly? Lazing around in bed, not wanting to get out is another feeling that I am all too familiar with, so yes it is a form of desire that doesn’t really affect anyone, except for a concerned little sister or something like that.

The desire to do something stupid occasionally pops out in our head from time to time. Iori unfortunately fell victim to that (for the lulz). Since no-one was adversely affected, except for maybe Iori’s own reputation, I would say that it is a harmless desire as well.

The desire to help someone out is something that is interesting though. While we might be selfish, to a certain extent, I would say that at the same time there is also the kindness within us that makes us lend aid to others. The question of whether to help or not more often than not depends on a multitude of factors, but usually when the cons outweigh the pros (remember we are still selfish people), we tend to turn a blind eye to it instead. So what happens when we remove all the cons and leave only the pros? Would the world be a better place? Just food for thought.

So much RAGE!

Familiarity breeds contempt. Contempt is in itself a strong emotion that we usually keep to ourselves because we don’t want to start conflicts that can otherwise be avoided. Take away those inhibitions and as a result we see Inaban saying some really nasty words to Yui. This is what I call the “ugly truth”. It isn’t the actual truth per se, but rather it is the dark side of an impression of a person that we never show to others. That negative sentiment is now unleashed as Inaban truthfully admits how badly she thought of Yui, while everyone knew she didn’t exactly mean for it to happen, it was also Inaban’s honest feelings as well. The only real way to deal with such contempt is to spit it out and deal with it in a cool-headed manner, rather than keeping it bottled like a ticking time-bomb.

By the way, the exact reason as to why Yui is skipping school isn’t known just yet. While it can be inferred that she is purposely doing so in order to minimize contact, hence trouble with others, it could be an entire matter altogether. What could it be?

While contempt is anger mixed with disgust, there is also just pure anger as well. Ever wanted to have an outburst but instead chose to suppress it instead? I’m sure many of us have been in the situation where we wanted to lash out at the opposite party for whatever the reason. At times retaliation might be justified, but opting to take the peaceful way out is usually the wiser choice because if matters escalate nothing positive is going to come out of it. Iori vs random classmate is a prime example where sometimes withholding your urge to yell is the better option to take.

Inaban had a taste of her own medicine when she ended up on the receiving end of Taichi’s temper. This further sours the relationship between the members of the Cultural Research Club, with everyone on the edge and their mental health on the decline, I really start to wonder if isolating oneself is a better solution than roughing it out together (remember the unique situation that they are in). Their friendships are inevitably damaged, but the option for them to kiss and make up mend their ties and move on still remains open. There is no such thing as a perfect and flawless relationship after all, so I could certainly see the club members form a stronger bond after going through this ordeal together.

If anything, I would rather have friends who are semi-honest (because being totally blunt just doesn’t work out) instead of those hypocrites who smile all the time while having a knife behind their backs. It is important to be tactful and considerate towards the feelings of others, but at the same time there is a difference between that and being a deceitful person who just says good things (by lying) all the time.

Random thoughts:

  • Only in anime people, only in anime.
  • That awkward moment where everyone stares at you in class.
  • Poor Yui “made” to binge on food. The irony.
  • Would’ve loved to hear Inaban spill Yui’s secrets. Darn.

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