Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 5

I solved the entire mystery. Gangnam Hyouka-style.




NakaImo makes its grand return after 3 weeks, due to the London Olympics. The mystery continues, with the true little sister still at large.

Boring, generic summary since that is what the first half of the episode consisted of.

As Shougo suspected, there is still the person who claimed to be her little sister during his father’s funeral, and that same person is now giving him wake-up calls every morning. After some deduction, he determined that the little sister has to be amongst one of the five girls (well duh). Then again, is it a wise decision to count out Miss X, or the teacher even?

Even though Konoe and Miyabi were “exposed” (in a certain sense) last episode, it looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although they both admitted to not being the little sister, don’t forget that they can be scheming little liars with their own agenda. More importantly, someone still needs to fill in for the fanservice since the other 3 suspects aren’t exactly in the picture yet.

Suspect #3: Sagara Mei

My my, things are certainly looking suspicious (yet again) for her. Time to round-up those points:

  • Invites Shougo to literally sleep with her in a secluded room.
  • Proceeds to “leave” a suggestive magazine to be noticed by Shougo.
  • Invites Shougo to her cafe to possibly stir up his inner sister-complex.
  • Revealed to be an orphan, therefore it is entirely possible for her to be younger.
  • Unsurprisingly, somehow has the prototype phone as well.

By now, I’m starting to see a trend concerning the structure of each episode, and by extension, the entire series. I will now attempt to unravel this mystery. No spoilers, just pure speculation.

The Conspiracy Theory

I’m predicting that Mei will end up like Konoe and Miyabi, the points that make her suspicious are merely just red herrings. If that is true, the same will follow suit for the remaining 2 harem members. At the end of it, the answer is then revealed, which is then considered “unexpected”. So what is this conspiracy all about then?

Rewind back to the first half of the episode, recall what the little sister said to Shougo, before having Konoe/Miyabi appear at the door, thus resulting in some kind of “coincidence”. But is it really a coincidence? I think not. Somehow I have a gut feeling that it is a collaboration between the girls to troll Shougo, into thinking that X might be his little sister this week, before Y might be his little sister in the following week.

Of course it might be entirely something else but even so, I will still stand by my initial thoughts that there is no real little sister among them. All five of them could be a possibility but just a single one? Hell no.

PS: If it isn’t obvious, I’m half-fooling around since this isn’t some mystery series to begin with. I mean, how complex can a harem series get?

PSS: Double episode next week I believe to make up for the two-week break.

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