Rinne no Lagrange2 6

Yurikano…is that you?




Madoka Yurikano came, she saw, she conquered..I mean she left. I’m not entirely sure what to make out of this episode or how should I feel regarding that vague conclusion-of-sorts towards the end, but I do hope that both nations should make love peace and not war seek to destroy each other because honestly I’m not a huge fan of intergalactic space battles..I mean, more Jersey Club screen time = better.. Right?

Transformers + Gundam = RnL?

So the Voxes that launched suddenly on their own accord wasn’t something Dizelmine plotted like I’ve speculated, but rather it functioned as some kind of a reactionary defense mechanism in response to the immediate danger that the trio faced. Cool! If only that didn’t remind me of Transformers though. Seriously, those moments really have that Transformer vibe to it, especially Aura when it detected that Madoka wasn’t really Madoka, as though Aura seemed to have a will of its own.

Lasers going pew pew in space along with robots will always remind me of Gundam first and foremost because it is the most iconic mecha series after all. While it does make for pretty explosions and stuff like that there isn’t a whole lot to really say since it is mostly action and little dialogue. A decent amount of budget is put into animating these fights though, perhaps that is why the quality seemed to have suffered especially in the opening moments of this episode.

RnL, meet Kokoro Connect

More importantly, RnL managed to impress me with how they pulled the body-swapping shenanigans off. It was amusing how no-one except for Dizelmine (and Aura if that counts) managed to figure out that Madoka and Yurikano’s personalities have switched around, resulting in Yurikano getting so fed up with everyone doubting her. Everyone’s reaction upon finding that out was also a hilarious sight to watch.

On the other hand, Madoka had her fair share of problems as well. Apparently trying to abuse Yurikano’s status as a princess didn’t really work out for her as she was promptly shoved into an escape pod and launched into the middle of nowhere. Madoka is such a boss klutz though, munching on food rations right off the bat while playing Shiritori by herself and accidentally hitting the emergency frequency broadcast. That promptly proceeded to broadcast her entire ramblings in which she somehow managed to deduce that Yurikano actually loved Dizelmine, which was the cause for her sacrifice. I’m not sure if I should face-palm or be awed at her discovery given how dense she usually is..

Ambiguity strikes yet again

Just like how body-swapping occurred out of nowhere, things suddenly returned to normal out of nowhere (I don’t know, maybe Dizelmine had some hidden hax power or something). If that wasn’t enough, Yurikano’s bade her farewell in a peculiar fashion too. Rather than to speculate or trying to make some sense out of it, I found the piano accompaniment to be of noteworthy mention here. If previous episodes of RnL are of any indication, the answers to this week’s questions should be answered on the very next episode.

Essentially, Madoka has got this in the bag after finally getting the opportunity to speak to the two brothers thanks to the strange predicament that gathered everyone together once again. Somehow or someway she will put a stop to the conflict between the two of them (She is Madoka after all). With that said, I have a feeling that this “arc” is going to reach its conclusion soon and something else will take its place. (The preview seems to indicate that way as well)

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