Kokoro Connect 6

Unleash your inner rage desire!




I have something to confess. When I saw Inaban suddenly started stripping I went: “OMG what am I watching”, while proceeding to spam the screen capture button. True story. Oh dear what just happened. What did I do?

Body-swapping out, being “honest” in.

It has been 3 weeks since then. I’m not sure what has gotten into me but I always assumed that the body-swapping would make its return eventually so I was watching the episode with that kind of expectation. I kept thinking who might be the culprit behind Inaban’s indecent act, along with Taichi and Iori’s sudden lapse during their phone call. It then dawned on me that the whole theme revolving around personality switching is officially out, for now. To think I was confusing myself for nothing.

The new challenge that our protagonists have to face now is yet another thought-provoking “what if” proposition. To simplify matters they’ve termed it as – Unleashing your inner desires, or being “honest”. Always wondered what would happen if you could read people’s minds? This is an alternative to that.

The beast within

What we’ve glimpsed so far with this new phenomenon is merely the tip of the iceberg – (sexual) Desire; Anger. These are the emotions that human beings tend to suppress, and it is not surprising that we actually have to suppress them. I’m being extreme here, but imagine what reality would be like if there was no such inhibitions in place. Assault cases will skyrocket and basically it means chaos will ensue. On a smaller scale though, when limited to five people, it will certainly be an interesting “social experiment”.

So why do we have these kind of unwanted, negative emotions? Don’t ask me, because I want to know too. For the sake of an argument let’s just say we are created that way, for the sake of balance since happiness can’t exist without sadness and vice versa. At the end of the day I just can’t see the whole idea of everyone being “honest” working out. It just can’t, but it will definitely stir up some sticky situations such as blurting a secret, doing something that is otherwise not fully intended.

Potential workaround?

Now that a wild problem has appeared yet again, how are they going to tackle it this time? In my opinion this is much worse than having to swap bodies around. As Inaban pointed out, with body-swapping one is able to still conceal matters, but that option is now gone and the predicament is now reversed. There is only the truth, and the truth can be ugly at times.

The first step to combating the adversary is to exercise greater self-control, self-awareness. The potential downsides to that is that it can really backfire. Forcing a ball down will make it only bounce higher (assuming it bounces). The other option is to do the exact opposite – let loose, relieve some stress and hopefully the effects will diminish.

Question and answer time

For me, the burning question I had all this while is: “What exactly constitutes, or triggers that voice in the head?” Knowing the threshold (if it exists) for it is the key to minimizing the “damage” done. While it wouldn’t be as fun to see them try to maintain a normal life from an observer’s point of view, if I were in their shoes I would get this point answered ASAP.

Next, who is going to be the most affected character? Signs point to Inaban and Iori, rightfully so because they are more complicated in nature with dark secrets and hidden personalities that might be exposed to the others in the upcoming episodes. Honestly though I do hope that the focus will shift to the Yui and Aoki since they haven’t really got their turn to shine.

Lastly, the shipping. I really loved how they went about doing this. The playing field is once again even. Taichi and Iori have decided on a temporary time-out since it is dangerous to be committing to a relationship at a time like this. Not really a question in itself, but it does make me wonder how the relationship chart will be like after this arc ends. Will any progress be made for Aoki, or will the other two girls catch up and overtake Iori? Questions. Questions.

Random thoughts:

  • Inaban “happened” to be looking at something dirty hence triggering her move on Taichi? Seems legit.
  • First kiss and now a boob grab. Where does this lead to?
  • On a closer inspection, the table is reinforced with steel..I’m not buying this, even if the table is wooden. Oh and it is still in the club room.
  • Little sister knows more than the brother about love, classic.
  • A ribcage or two might have broken, ouch.

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2 Responses to Kokoro Connect 6

  1. Earthling says:

    “What exactly constitutes, or triggers that voice in the head?”
    Heartseed implies it to be random, but I bet he’s secretly intervening whenever any potential “trollol” moment aka “worst timings” comes up when he was observing them @@;

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