Rinne no Lagrange2 5

Kokoro Connect + NakaImo = RnL?




In what seems to be a perfect balance between serious business and not-so-serious business, this episode reminded me of the saying “looks can be deceiving” and how much I enjoy RnL for what it is. Behind the *insert most appropriate word* moments in the first half lies the “**** just got real again” in the second half. As someone who appreciates both the aforementioned aspects of RnL, one could say that I have the best of both worlds.

For fun laughter peace and joy, rainbows and unicorns, yurikano:

In true RnL fashion, the episode opens up once again with the girls raiding Lan’s room and discovering her closet habits of writing poetry. Lan is easily embarrassed isn’t she? Not that anyone minds, really. And then there is the obligatory service each week, this time courtesy of Muginami, Muginami and Madoka. While the yuri wasn’t strong with this one, the amount of skin bared certainly is.

Dizlemine – friend or foe?:

Going into the second half, if anyone is still wondering whether Dizelmine is an awesome brother or an utter scumbag, I think the answer is obvious now. While it wasn’t very apparent in the beginning, it is all but guaranteed that he is up to no good by “convincing” Madoka (or rather just Madoka being the dense trusting person she is) into sitting on a chair device that has “something bad is going to happen if you sit on it” written all over it.

Mission Impossible The rescue plan:

Plans wouldn’t be called plans if everything went according to plan. It was nice to see Lan faking a fallout with Muginami and switching sides. While it may have fooled just about everyone on board, it will definitely take more than that to trick me (heh, insert smug moment here). I am pretty sure this was an intentional move by Lan to pull something like this off, but since she didn’t know what exactly was going to happen, she had to improvise on the spot and Muginami might have gotten caught a little off guard by that.

How to get to Madoka safely without being noticed:

  1. Distract crew personnel by giving an appreciation speech, blabber on about poetry and some random dream if needed.
  2. Use the vent ducts, tested and proven by countless predecessors.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

The real serious business begins here:

Most importantly, Madoka meets Yurikano (the real one), again. As many people have speculated, her true self is indeed stuck inside the Rinne due to her self-sacrifice which resulted in the destruction of Militia Zodia. Long story short, Madoka wants Yurikano to return with her to the real world and Yurikano doesn’t want to (escaping from reality perhaps? Pun intended). When words don’t work, use fists. Well, was it really necessary to resort to that? Probably not, at least I got to see some “action” going on.

Alas that moment was short-lived when Muginami arrived to save the day…And then here comes the “*** just got real” moment that RnL is so fond utilizing. In fact that current situation seems really dire:

  • Red crystals started forming on Dizelmine’s ship, probably related to the Rinne.
  • The Voxes started launching on their own. (um..auto pilot mode is overpowered??)
  • Yurikano awakens in Madoka’s body, totally pulling a Kokoro Connect here.

The fate of Madoka remains unknown at this point, presumably she is now stuck in Yurikano’s body now after the body mind-swapping process got interrupted. To end things off, a question I have to ask is: “what was Dizelmine up to?” It wasn’t explained explicitly why he wanted to swap their consciousness around. All that mumbo jumbo that he uttered along with that sinister smirk didn’t help either. Now that his plans are foiled (or maybe not?), we’re stuck with another one of those tropes known as a cliffhanger, let me just state the obvious – What is going to happen next?

Random thoughts:

  • Embarrassed Lan + giving out weird sounds = Moe overload?
  • I never thought I’d get to see Madoka and gang in not one, but two different outfits?
  • Talk to the hand?
  • It is certainly big, the bathroom I mean.
  • Loli Lan, not sure if want.
  • Madoka’s expression amuses me, is it time to be smiling about it?
  • The visuals were so awesome that I decided to stick with 40 for this episode, generally speaking *cough*.

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