Kokoro Connect 5

The real question is: “Who did Taichi actually kiss?”




Not to take anything away from the episode itself, but it was a sudden rhetorical question that occurred to me. I’ve said before that KC is an emotional roller coaster, in this episode we are once again taken for a ride and it certainly was a fulfilling one.

I’m not entirely sure what the opening scene was about, but jeez what’s up with high school kids and their confessions these days? To be fair it wasn’t anything new considering this is the 213rd time Aoki confessed to Yui and he got rejected for the 213rd time again. Having persistence is a virtue, but being an annoyance is another thing altogether. Mini rant aside, I sometimes have to hand it to this kinda guys who never give up despite the much dreaded “I like you, as a friend” response which essentially screams friend zoned. My initial take on this scene is that it is more of a setup for a future episode or perhaps a lesson on “how to confess with style”.

In truth it was meant for Taichi and Iori to witness, intended as a form of a little “push”, courtesy of Inaban. But what really happened afterwards wasn’t merely just a “push”, it went all the way from the school’s club room to a random bridge outside of it. It is here where the both of them come to terms about their personalities and their feelings for each other. I gotta wonder though, back at the club room Taichi admitted that he thought of Iori as a friend and afterwards he changed his mind at the bridge, fickle-minded much?

Once again, KC’s touches on topics that deal with psychology, and that is what I really like about watching KC. The first of which is the different type of approach Iori and Taichi have when it comes to interacting with others. Iori is the type of person who adjusts her behavior according to what kind of people she is with as opposed to Taichi who is basically just himself. Simply put – Iori wears a mask and Taichi doesn’t. In the previous episode, Iori is troubled by that very fact that she is such a “hollow” person but in truth wearing a mask inevitably shapes the face underneath it and Taichi points it out that “they are all Nagase Iori”. While I won’t go into detail regarding the intricacies of wearing a mask vs not wearing a mask, it is certainly a great topic to mull over a cup of tea or something.

And then boom! Here comes the twist, after all it would be “boring” if the everything ended happily ever after. Heartseed suddenly shows up and lands Iori in hospital, and now the main characters are faced with a new dilemma and yet another theme of the day – death. Nobody wants to die. It is a natural instinct that is instilled into everyone regardless of whether one fears death or not. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there. When faced with imminent danger, such as the possibility of dying, humans tend to show their true nature and feelings, and that was exactly what Heartseed was looking for.

The actual decision of “who is going to die in Iori’s body” isn’t too hard to determine since no-one except maybe Taichi is willing to die in her place (I mean, who actually will?). It was the emotions, the tears and good-byes that makes it such a heartrending sight. Ultimately, it was still predictable that no-one was actually going to die, but just the possibility of death alone was still enough to cause everyone to take it seriously as if it were real.

Now that all’s well (for now) and that the swapping have stopped, what is going to happen next? Obviously everything isn’t going to end just like that, now that the girls have all been “patched”, it is Aoki’s turn to take the stage. Calling it now!

Random thoughts:

  • So, I heard that being in your own body is the new way to trick someone now?
  • It was only for a single frame but damn that punch has gotta hurt.
  • These are the keys to my house, wanna come over?
  • Inaban..is that you?
  • Iori..is that you?
  • Purely a what if scenario: What would have happened if Iori didn’t switch with Inaban when the time was up?

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2 Responses to Kokoro Connect 5

  1. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog. and commented:
    Awesome points you put out on this post. The episode was excellent and I’m loving every bit of KC, but my imagination is running wild at some of the ideas I can get of this blossoming series. Looking forward to more from Kokoro Connect. I also love those sentences in bold. Holds a lot of meaning in more ways than one.

  2. Thanks for supporting! Indeed, KC does allow for some crazy possibilities and this episode proved just that point. Can’t wait to see what happens from hereon now that the confessions have been made.

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