Rinne no Lagrange2 4

YuruYuri Yuriyuri?! I see what you did there..




While this episode wasn’t an insane roller coaster ride nor yuri-licious like the previous, it certainly answered some questions concerning Yurikano Yuriyuri. But first of all, it is time for some shy boys talk!

Being stuck in a lift is one of the most cliche things to ever happen in any anime, but it kinda worked anyway. I gotta say that Astelia is one shrewd schemer as it certainly did a good job of isolating the both of them and make it seem like an “accident”. Although it was revealed that they knew each other since they were young, possibly being close friends, there wasn’t much to discuss despite that fact considering that both sides are equally unwilling to compromise.

A plan isn’t a plan if everything goes according to plan right? Well something is definitely fishy when that odd endlave ovid that turned out to be Yurikano. Who let the dogs her out? I don’t know if it is subtle or plain obvious, but Moid is someone who is more than meets the eye (pun intended). Since Dizelmine and Villagiulio both do not seem like true antagonists to me, someone else has to do the dirty job. Moid certainly fits the bill so far considering he was told to keep an eye on Yurikano and given his reactions it seemed that everything is going according to his plan.

Along with a sparkling new ED featuring Yurikano, she is arguably the main focus of the episode. The most plausible explanation regarding her childish behavior is that her mental state regressed to that of a child. The exact hows and whys isn’t known just yet and we will probably get to know the full picture bit by bit. Additionally, it wasn’t explained how Dizelmine managed to find her along with the whole “taming” process since Lan herself was unaware of Yurikano’s presence while in Le Garite. What we do know – her real personality seems to be trapped in another plane/dimension which explains why only Madoka was able to interact with the real her not once but twice through the blossoming of Rinne.

The sudden appearance of Yurikano at this stage of the game is something of utmost interest from an audience’s point of view. Dizelmine stated himself that she is his “triumph card” and therefore he wasn’t expecting her to be “used” at this point. On the other hand, Yurikano is Villagiulio’s blood sister after all, to see her on the enemy’s side with no recollection of him, I can certainly see why Villagiulio is so worked up. Essentially this means that things are heating up way faster than expected by both sides and it might just escalate soon.

Once again, more pieces of the puzzle are starting to assemble, with Yurikano being one of the centerpieces. The next episode appears to be a juicy (pun partially intended) one from the looks of the preview, hopefully that will make up for the lack of yuri entertainment by the Jersey Club.

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