Kokoro Connect 4

It really takes some balls from Taichi to confess something like that..




Although Inaban’s collapse in the previous episode isn’t anything serious (or so she claims), in hindsight I have a gut feeling that it will be plot point that recurs in the future. Then again, it is proven that a person’s immune system is more vulnerable when under stress so that could be a possible reason behind the vomiting/fainting spells.

Initially I thought the character of the episode is Iori, as Inaban “encourages” Taichi to help Iori out as he did with Yui in the previous episode. However this wasn’t the case (more on that later). One thing is for sure though, Iori’s struggles seems to be one of the most complex considering that it wasn’t resolved just yet. At least we do know what is troubling her now, and interestingly enough this mirrors real-life situations quite accurately.

Wearing a mask is a possibility that we do in at some point in life in order to deal with certain people or environments.. In extreme cases such as Iori, multiple personalities are created and if left untreated it might lead to a syndrome known as multiple personality disorder. From their little chat we learn that Iori manages to be cope with her family background of having five different fathers by molding different personas, by being the “ideal” girl for her stepfathers in order to avoid a sour relationship with them. The act that she had been putting up all this time was suddenly no longer needed with the death of her latest stepfather, which also explains the short scene Iori had with her mother in the previous episode.

Suddenly being told that she could “live her life freely”, here comes the real issue at hand – Iori doesn’t have a sense of identity as she has been living for the sake of her mother and stepfather all along. Imagine a life whereby your life has been set to “autopilot mode”, whereby you didn’t really have to make major decisions since your route is pretty much paved out for you and then one fine day that very “autopilot mode” is turned off and you suddenly have to start thinking for yourself. “What do I do with my life now?” In order to even determine the answer to that question, the key questions becomes: “Who exactly am I?” “What is my direction in life?” “What are my goals?” Indeed, Iori is portrayed as a character with no real substance as she doesn’t have a core personality that defines her as a person. Given the untimely body-swapping business throw into the mix, it doesn’t surprise me that she is on the verge of breaking down as it further complicates her current situation. To summarize this can be classified as an identity crisis as Iori struggles to establish who she really is – a sense of identity where she can confidently claim to be herself.

As complicated/simple as the aforementioned sounds, Iori wasn’t the main focus of the episode as that honour actually belongs to Inaban. As with everyone else, she has her fair share of trouble (or the lack thereof) to deal with. Her issue is also something that is very applicable to the real world, which is her struggle to accept who she really is. Ever heard of the term self-denial? Some people can’t accept certain truths and they end up deluding themselves, subconsciously or not, to feel better. Inaban does the exact opposite, she tries to accept the truth that she can’t trust anyone, and that is exactly what she hates herself for. The truth hurts, accepting that personality flaw about herself is something that Inaban is struggling to deal with because on one hand she really wants to trust people but on the other she just couldn’t because that goes against her true nature. In essence it boils down to self-acceptance, especially on embracing the ugly side of oneself.

At the end of the day though, Inaban is probably too harsh on herself as it is all too easy to over-complicate/over-think matters considering that she couldn’t confide in anyone until Taichi confronts her about it. Sometimes having someone to share your concerns with really lifts the weight off your shoulders, although it is understandable that few would actually do that because of reasons such as pride, or not wanting to burden others, or most likely facing the possibility of being rejected.

To even the playing field Taichi tells Inaban a secret that he would carry to the grave. While I question the topic that he chose, at least it served its purpose – in persuading her to come clean to the other club members. As it turns out, the rest of the cast isn’t overly concerned about it. Iori thinks she worries too much, which is true, Yui feels the same way regarding Aoki and Aoki simply doesn’t care. In a sense it can be seen as making a mountain out of a molehill, but Inaban’s struggles are something that real people face in reality as well.

I might have rambled a little too much here, but what amazes me about this episode of KC and the series in general is that KC touches on psychology regarding the plight the cast find themselves in. These problems can be very real and they aren’t exaggerated all too much. The beauty about KC is that we get to see each of them slowly overcome their personal issues steadily with the help of one another. Unity is strength!

Now that the two of the girls have their troubles identified and dealt with, the character focus is most likely going to be on Iori before moving on to the boys. Since every coin has a flip side to it, there will be a hidden side to the boys that I am most interested in seeing observing.

Random thoughts:

  • Staring at crouches is rude, even if it’s a girl doing it to a guy!
  • Taichi spotted in a girls toilet! Oh wait that isn’t him..
  • Inaban’s confession to Taichi is most likely a troll, but then again, you never know.
  • Seriously though, of all topics to choose from, why that? I have my own theories but I’m not going to go into it.

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