Rinne no Lagrange2 3

“Kyouno Madoka, you are a virgin aren’t you?”




Sometimes watching RnL is like going on a roller coaster ride. For this particular episode my reaction went from: Meh slice-of-life – OMG epic yuri troll by Astelia – Holy cow things just got real here – What the hell? Personally it was an enjoyable ride nonetheless, although it is hard to say the same for others.

Tackling this episode in chronological order, the first half of the episode is mostly what I would write off as the slice-of-life portion of RnL, where nothing much is happening in terms of plot development. The members of the Jersey Club are finally united and they pretty much stole the limelight from the dog wolf; the ghost and the vampire (haunted house at the beach? Innovative but futile). The only substantial news worth mentioning is that the intergalactic conference will take place in Kamogawa (to no one’s surprise since space is quite small after all). Well it is always good to see some bonding between the three of them especially when Madoka innocently states that: “I’ll absolutely do anything for the both of you!” Sure is good to be youthful eh?

The second half is where the real show actually begins. Time to buckle up those seat belts. Astelia notes that if Voxes can be used as a weapon of destruction, the opposite can also be a possiblity (nuclear energy anyone?). With that the crew decide to conduct the Vox Core experiment on Madoka which Lan was subjected to until they realize that apparently Madoka is either too dense; thick-skulled or has some sort of resistance to artificial stimulation. That brings us to a crucial point the crew of Pharos are faced with, do they proceed further at the risk of possible permanent damage to Madoka’s personality?

Just as the signs are about to point towards yes, Astelia pulled of an art few can successfully pull it off: The art of trolling. To be fair it was for the sake of the experiment, but the truth is, it was meant to entertain and amuse us all by getting Madoka and her comrades all worked up. Although we may never know what some of her exact words are due to the use of imagery as a substitute, at least we do find out that Madoka is a virgin and has only kissed Muginami and Lan in her entire life. Now now, to clear up any stray imaginations, let me say that it was nothing surprising coming from Madoka, if anything I would be shocked if she responded differently. Therefore Madoka’s, Muginami’s and Lan’s reactions is really nothing out of the ordinary considering their age and maturity, granted it was exaggerated to please the viewers, but credit must be given where due so it was definitely a brilliant move by the writers.

Literally just a moment and one bad joke later, things just got real. The root cause of it is unknown (not how it happened but why), but wow what a sudden turn of events. I’m not entirely sure what really happened, but it does seem like the blossoming of Rinne that occurred at the end of S1, although it was a slightly different variation this time. Could it be related towards the current emotions that the rider is currently feeling? In this iteration of it, a ghastly Yurikano confronts Madoka for wanting to destroy the world, thus repeating the tragedy all over again. I have no idea what this portion was supposed to really mean, and it didn’t help that things quickly concluded after Madoka stopped the Rinne. At this point these events are just like the pieces of the puzzle that will be pieced together eventually, hence I’m not going to read too much into it for now.

As another piece of the puzzle, a wild Yurikano appears! Admittedly I forgot who she was and what her actual role and background is since I didn’t pay too much attention in S1, but having known just that, it is safe to say that Dizelmine is definitely plotting something. That Yurikano though definitely smells like a fake, considering cloning is a definite possibility here. As the pieces of the puzzle slowly assemble themselves we’ll be able to get a clearer picture as to what is really going on, which is the exact reason why the story of RnL is so fascinating. Just what in the world is going on?

Random thoughts:

  • Jeez the opening shot, I nearly got deceived.
  • Lan back to being her clumsy yet adorable self! Lovely.
  • Mr Tadokoro got served not once but twice, poor guy.
  • I love the little details thrown in such as having Lan trying to figure out the two different POVs from the chalice/two face card.
  • Bunny suited girls in space just became reality!
  • That full 8 second (yes I counted) silence with no animation initially had me wondering if something went wrong with the video.

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