Kokoro Connect 3

Would you kick your own nuts to help out a friend, as retarded as that may sound?




I really like the character interactions in Kokoro Connect – The raw feelings whenever they have a deep conversation, as well as the lighthearted moments where they (more like just the guys) fool around. Aoki getting his dream confession (although it was his own doing) was awesome, seeing the tsuntsun Inaban going deredere was even awesom-er. Inaban threatening to run around stark naked in Aoki’s body as an act of revenge, not so much.

Although I am totally fine with watching all these whacky moments for each and every episode because they are that entertaining, the key aspect that brings Kokoro Connect up a notch is not just the fun and laughter, but also the solemn atmosphere between the characters whenever a situation arises. Taichi discovering (albeit in an ironical manner) Yui’s androphobia (fear of men) was one of them, Inaban’s conversation while picking up thrash with Taichi was the other.

Continuing from where the last episode left off, during the less-than-casual talk between Taichi and Inaban an interesting detail was brought up. Inaban states that Iori is to be the one having the hardest time out of them all. This is a peculiar statement to make, since Inaban is the more perceptive person in the group, therefore she shouldn’t be too off in her observation. But why Iori and not Yui in this case? Iori does have a more cheerful appearance and a bubbly personality in comparison to Yui, but the one thing that comes to mind is her dialogue with Taichi in the previous episode. This seems to hint that Iori might potentially be struggling with her sense of identity or something else deep down inside. As to what exactly problem and the cause of it is, I’m sure we’ll be finding out shortly.

When the boys realize how much Yui has been suffering in silence all along because of their discovery, they felt bad about their attitude, especially Aoki. The both of them showed signs of remorse afterwards and Aoki decided to apologize profusely to Yui (that wasn’t very tactful of him though). Taichi opts to take a more direct approach after finding himself as Yui. It was on purpose wasn’t it Mr Heartseed!

I gotta award Taichi some manly points plus some stupidity points for his chivalrous attempt to aid Yui in overcoming her androphobia, surely there are better ways out there am I right? Perhaps he thought he wouldn’t feel the pain as he was currently in Yui’s body, but unfortunately someone out there in space wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine and he got his just desserts, coincidence? I think not. Seriously, any guy who tries to kick his own manhood should suffer the consequences even though by default he has paid the price for it. In return for his effort, at least it did pay off and Taichi found himself closer to Yui much to the dismay of Aoki (poor dude, his “hard work” went down the drain just like that). That is one problem solved, for now.

From the look of things, each of the girls have their fair share of worries and issues, Yui with her androphobia; Iori with an undisclosed matter; Inaban being stressed out over the current situation. The guys on the other hand are way more optimistic and less disturbed by the prospects of body-swapping, which signals that it might be a gender-based sentiment since I can imagine the average male not being overly concerned as compared to a female. It certainly would make for an interesting survey/research, though it wouldn’t be a practical one.

With that, the next character to receive attention shifts to Inaban where she is seen fainting in a cliffhanger. However let us not forget the chat whereby Iori is actually the weakest link among them. There is definitely more than meets the eye, especially when Iori didn’t have much screen-time episode save for the short appearance at the end along with the foreshadowing moment where she was seen discussing something with her mother. Things are definitely building up slowly and steadily in terms of plot and character growth, Taichi and Yui in particular for this episode.

Now if only Kokoroco isn’t overshadowed by a certain anime where people die if they are killed in a game. Brownie points for catching the references in the previous sentence.

Random thoughts:

  • Knowing the reason for Taichi’s love for wrestling proves that he is M, but it was also a very interesting viewpoint coming from him, I wonder if anyone really watches wrestling for that very reason.
  • Taichi’s reaction to realizing that Iori has a crush on him was pretty meh, as noted by Inaban. Come on dude..
  • Comical out-of-character reactions are never a dull moment to watch.

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