Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 3

Could this be the happy end?

Advisory: NSFW



A small minority might be watching for the plot, but the majority are going to tune in for the “guilty pleasures” that NakaImo and other similar type of shows deliver. In terms of the former and the latter, this episode managed to meet expectations.

More than 2/3s of this episode were so fan-service heavy that I thought this was going to be yet another generic episode such as the previous one. Fortunately, there was a potential cliffhanger at the end of the episode, and I was rather impressed by that because it does seem like the plot is still of some relevance after all. Speculation time! Based on that, it does seem unlikely that Miyabi is the little sister from the looks of it, the same goes for Konoe. If anything I would start shifting my bets to either Mana or Mei (who only got a cameo appearance), since they are still fairly low profile at this point. However, with the allusion that Mr/Miss X or even the teacher could be potential suspects things are starting to get a little chaotic. Sometimes I feel it is a little pointless to keep speculating because with each episode the situation and standings change for everyone.

A passing thought that I wouldn’t really mind though is if there is some sort of “elimination” happening in order to narrow down the heroines one by one. This will help keep the guessing going as well as maintaining plot/character development at the same time. Whether this will occur is still unknown at this point given that we’re only 3 episode in. The story is slowly moving forward, which I can appreciate the previous episode had zero plot development. The inclusion of a cliffhanger was also a good move to keep the suspense going, although most people won’t even take it seriously to begin with. I really wonder if there is any special reason why Miyabi is fond of Shougo, we shall find out next week, then again maybe not..

On the flip-side of things, majority of this episode were the usual fanfare, starting off with Shougou being caught in a compromising position due to Mr/Miss X’s lack of knowledge regarding the birds and the bees. In turn that leads to Konoe and Miyabi believing that Shougo is actually attracted to guys and that prompted them to perform “corrective treatment” on him by feeding him foodstuffs that is said to boost libido. The final step was of course to tempt him with their bodies to prove that women are indeed more preferable to men..um, what?

Did any of the above make actual sense, logically speaking? Not that it actually matters because this is a work of fiction with an artificial setting, but in reality this is simply too far-fetched. But it is precisely because of these outrageous scenarios that makes harem rom/com shows entertaining to watch. It is precisely because scenarios like these are never ever going to become reality hence people start to fantasize about ridiculous situations happening such as having a long-lost sister who wants to marry her brother..Oh wait that sounds familiar..

Random thoughts:

  • Well if Shougo bothered to use his influence to trace the damn call or hire some PIs the truth would’ve been out long ago. Of course logic doesn’t work here does it.
  • I hear that DNA tests are super effective as well, how hard is it to obtain a strand of hair given all these “opportunities“?
  • Seriously though, even the teacher now? No..just no.

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