Dog Days’ 1

Forget about the dogs, forget about the cats. This show should be renamed to Squirrel Days instead!



Oh wow, it has already been a year plus since S1 aired for Dog Days? Heck, I don’t think anyone saw this sequel coming at all, although that might just be me. The reason why this post is so delayed is because to be frank the original run of the show did not impress me at all, hence I delayed watching this to get everything else out (along with a little break as well).

However after watching this episode along with episode 2 (seriously…that transformation scene..), it wasn’t as “bad” as I thought it would turn out to be. My expectations were greatly lowered compared to the hype that I had for S1, or perhaps it has been a really long time such I watched something with lots of fluff (I don’t really have a thing for shows like these).

A little background story here, but in the past I was really anticipating Dog Days primarily because it has an all-star cast going for it, I know I say that all the time but Dog Days is like the all-star of the all-stars when it comes down to the cast involved. The cast did not disappoint, but the other hand, the original plot and setting greatly did. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out like it this at all, even with the arguably weak change in direction towards the end of the series it did little to salvage my impression of Dog Days as a whole.

What’s past is in the past, but going into Dog Days’ (subtle ‘ there), I can’t help but to greatly lower my expectations, even though I highly suspect some form of a twist, a common enemy as per S1 to occur in the later parts of the series. As for the episode itself, nothing much has really changed since then. Wars are still fun and games to them (literally), your friends are also your enemies and people citizens of Flonyard are still dying becoming casualties left and right.

Similar to a game with an expansion, Dog Days’ introduces not only more main characters such as Nanami and Rebecca, but with a new squirrel race and we all know that squirrels triumph over dogs and cats right? That’s as far as it goes though, since Dog Days’ is sticking to its roots regarding the fluff and stuff (rhyme intended).

The thing that really keeps me going is the fact that the cast involved is really really stacked, most of them are either the biggest names around or are generally well-known in the industry. I’m lazy to list them out here so feel free to google it up, off the top of my head I believe two hands isn’t even enough to cover them all. The other reason is I don’t really like to leave things unfinished unless they become really unwatchable, which Dog Days’ isn’t.

At the end of the day, watch if you prefer rainbows squirrels and unicorns foxes over to death cats and destruction dogs, although the opposite also works. Did I mention that squirrels are awesome creatures?

Random thoughts:

  • I wonder what happens if Rico will ever talk to Nanami.. They are both are voiced by Mizuki Nana and I couldn’t even tell..
  • Real fan-service in Dog Days’? Who would’ve thought. Oh how times have changed.
  • Since I’ve watched episode 2 as well I just wanna put it out here, that transformation scene..what in the world?!

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