Rinne no Lagrange2 2

Time to get them yuri goggles.. Wait these goggles..they do nothing!




I almost want repeat this exclusively: “Everyone should to re-watch that two scenes at least 5 times each.” Clearly the best yuri scene of the season so far. Alas, I’m still amazed at how RnL manages to balance the lighthearted moments along with the more serious side of things.

The major plot points which I’ve brought up in the previous episode were mostly answered during the meeting between Astelia and Tadokoro. It turns out that the main cause behind the fighting between both sides is this phenomenon known as the Polyhedron Millenium Problem – The planets of Le Garite and De Metrio are on course for a collision which will result in the destruction of both planets. The experiment that Lan was the subject of in episode 1 was apparently targeted at developing some kind of a prototype Vox cockpit that the girls ride in. Mass productions of replica Voxes in order to ultilise their powers to destroy De Metrio is certainly something Dizelmine could be plotting.

With Lan and Muginami both obligated to help out their respective factions in this upcoming crisis, there is only one neutral factor left that could greatly swing the potential battle in either side’s favour – Madoka and more specifically, Vox Aura. Madoka being the Madoka we’ve all come to adore, has her own ideas though much to the aghast of everyone around her. Madoka basically does what she wants without caring too much about the potential consequences with acts such as busting a hole through the wall in the previous episode (guess Voxes are durable after all), contacting Brother Guvi about Muginami despite the both of them being technically enemies.

Since it was stated that both Lan and Muginami have not left Earth, it is merely an inevitability for the two of them to meet since they pretty much only have Kamogawa to loiter around, and usually you’ll want to visit the places that you’re more familiar with, but hey this isn’t the important part. Got your yuri goggles yet? Here we go! The crucial part is having Madoka taking the both of them down with a double clothesline and forcing the two of them to kiss and make up, because deep down they still love each other (in a family way). In light of the stress and situation the both of them are dealt with, it is all too easy to forget these feelings that have overshadowed by more recent events. I’m really glad that the Jersey Club has reunited once more, since it does feel a little strange inside to see them fighting each other despite being former comrades. Never underestimate the power of love and friendship, especially when it concerns the Jersey Club!

As far as the story goes, the battle between the two factions seems to be the smaller issue at hand because in the grand scheme of things, there is still the shroud of mystery surrounding the true nature of the Voxes. Not forgetting the tragedy that is about to repeat itself after 20,000 years which only Astelia seems to have knowledge about.

Random thoughts:

  • Madoka asking the trio if they knew where Lan/Muginami lived was..adorable because obviously they didn’t know.
  • Is that a zombie? No? That’s Madoka swimming all the way back to shore looking like a total boss while at it.
  • Lan is clearly traumatized after her second smooch, she’s succumbing to peer pressure!
  • It was such a shame that Lan’s attempt failed, at least I got a good chuckle out of that one.
  • Madoka implies that she wants their respective brothers to kiss and make up too, no…just no.

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