Kokoro Connect 2

It is rare to see Inaban get so flustered, oh wait..




Woah, I wasn’t quite expecting a major plot element to be revealed this early, even with that revelation the episode still retained the same elements that made episode 1 awesome.

As I mentioned in the opening post, the real gem of watching a body-swapping work is that it allows the VAs to let loose and act out of character since they aren’t confined to playing just a single role now. The very first result of that is witnessing Yui who is in Aoki’s body getting all flustered, what we hear in actuality is just a guy who sounded like a sissy.

As predicted also, there are many implications that come with body-swapping. The first one that probably comes to mind is toilet issues, and it is not just limited to getting the rooms wrong. The second concern is probably what the other party will do to your body while being swapped, I’ll leave it up to your imaginations regarding the both of that.

Then there’s also things you can do to infuriate the other person while swapped, such as volunteering to clear thrash and openly declaring your love for someone else, the possibilities are endless. I love how Kokoroco is slowly exploring these “what ifs” one by one and usually hilarity is bound to ensue from that.

However, Kokoroco isn’t entirely about watching a gang of 5 cope with this phenomenon that afflicted them for no rhyme or reason. The culprit behind that was revealed early, to my surprise. I don’t know whether to classify this as sci-fi or supernatural, but this fuusenkazura (heartseed) dude is a freaking plant, as well as an observer. And like a world-class villain he claims there is no explicit reason why the bunch of them are chosen or why did he started all this. My personal translation of that is – “I’m bored and I really have nothing better to do but to observe how people react when they’ve switched bodies“. Or something like that. The only substantial thing that he said was that the swapping would only stop once the group “got used to it”, in other words it means that it wouldn’t be interesting for Mr.Plant to observe them any further in which he would stop the whole “social experiment”.

If the addition of an extra genre isn’t enough, Kokoroco does have some thought-inducing liners, courtesy of Iori (in Aoki’s body). What exactly constitutes an identity? Is it the consciousness; the soul? Or is it the physical appearance? More importantly, when a swapping occurs – what is the actual identity of that person in question? Questions like these leads to a bigger question of my own – what is going to happen in an event of a prolonged, or permanent swap? Will you assume that person’s identity, or still try to be yourself? As time goes by, the boundaries will slowly but surely start to blur; start to intertwine, and that is how people get identity disorders, because they are so caught up in these questions till the point where they no longer have an appropriate answer for them anymore.

The whole gender exchange situation certainly leaves a lot room for exploration; imagination including all the “what ifs”. Although I did ponder a little about it, but since it isn’t really going to happen anyway I’m didn’t entertain that thought too much, but it definitely is a worthy food for thought. What will be the swapping combination for next week? Feminine Aoki definitely takes the cake for me this week, Inaban trolling Taichi while in his body takes second place.

Random thoughts:

  • Wish we had more teachers like Go-san around.
  • If lying doesn’t work, use blackmail if applicable.
  • Why am I in the toilet!
  • Why is the class rep suddenly so interested in me!
  • Inaban is sure proud of a chest size, way to go girl.
  • I know he is possessed but assaulting a teacher, really?
  • Sawashiro Miyuki doing an awesome job at it but damn, Inaban needs anger management lessons for sure.

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