Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II 1

Why is Toori naked?!





KSnH/Horizon is unique, so unique that the first thing I see after a 6-month hiatus is Toori – naked. Trying hard to recall where exactly S1 left off, I vaguely remembered that the gang got besieged on a ship, which was where S2 started off from.

I’m not going to talk about what is going on much because honestly I don’t even know what is going on half the time..and yet I am still thoroughly immersed by the constant action happening non-stop throughout the entire episode. In that sense this is what exactly makes Horizon a one of a kind – there is so much happening at once till the point where I hardly understand what the hell is going on, yet I still remain entertained at the same time.

The sheer magnitude of characters/backgrounds/terminologies are so complex such that I’ve partially given up trying to grasp what is going on and just enjoy the show itself. I have to say though although I enjoyed watching Horizon for most of its entirety without understanding fully what was transpiring, ironically by understanding what was going on, it actually makes the show so much more enjoyable. Therefore there is a definite need to get outside help in order to catch the finer details and also the grand scheme of things.

Since I’m not really too well-versed in the general story and all the history behind it, my main source of enjoyment comes from watching Toori’s massive harem gang backed up by stellar VAs behind them, not to mention that each most of them have huge boobies a distinct personality as well. The random bits of comedy inserted into each episode is also a huge plus as well, for one does not simply get tired of Toori and his antics. Although I’m captivated by the constant battles happening all episode long, I’m not too invested into knowing what is exactly going on – I just like watching the whole cast duke it out on different fronts.

I’ll go through a list of what made this particular episode of Horizon an amusing watch despite not knowing what is going on 50% of the time:

  • Toori starting off things by being naked. (Was he naked where S1 left off? I don’t remember)
  • Random guy (yes I know he isn’t exactly random) asking Malga (I had to look up what her name was) what sex is.
  • Masazumi with the worst joke ever. I didn’t even understand that it was meant to be a joke the first time round.
  • Neito being tsundere about her chest.
  • Toori being the boss he is.
  • Horizon with her impromptu “thieving cat” line.
  • More “sex” jokes.
  • Toori being virtually naked for the entire episode and the fact that hardly anyone cares.
  • Kimi-nee and Asama moment!

As evident in the above, Horizon can be enjoyable to watch even though I had to refer to external sources to fully understand what was going on. Horizon is definitely a show that isn’t for everyone in that regard, hence it was dubbed as “impossible” to adapt because there is simply no way of understanding everything without having to refer to the source materials. The LN itself is more like a dictionary than a LN, imagine cramping all of that background information into an anime, it simply isn’t possible to include everything.

End of the day, Horizon is a unique anime because of its nature but most importantly though, it is entertaining – in a confusing manner.

Random thoughts:

  • I need a wider range of vocabulary, I find myself repeating several words several times /seewhatididthere
  • Old hag in Horizon? You don’t belong here!
  • Even the famous author “Shakespeare” too? This is getting insane!

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  1. AHHH these screenshots look so goooood!!! I totally remember how I found this site now, I was looking for a screenshot of a random anime and this is where it landed me 😀

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