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Could average be the new good?




Eh. Campione feels strictly average, yet at the same time I still enjoyed watching it. A normal kid who suddenly turns into a god-slayer over the span of a single day, that sounds cliche. But hey, why are cliches being used over and over again? Because in the end they do work, and that is what Campione is all about – following the magic formula.

When shounen is the main genre going for Campione where the male lead Kusanagi Godou (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) becomes some badass god-slayer, part of the magic formula is to get a harem, and it looks like member #1 Erica Blandelli (Hikasa Youko) has joined the party! My tsundere detector is picking up a reading! The one thing that Campione has going for it is the really strong cast, with Hana Kana and Kita Eri to appear subsequently. Other than that it might appeal to people who are interested in mythologies, with references to gods such as Prometheus and Verenthragna to name a few. Personally though I don’t really dig the various kinds of mythologies especially when the terminologies start to get a little deep and when they start to mix it up. Keep it simple please!

Since Campione is an adaptation from an established light novel, at least the story department shouldn’t be too lacking, although it might fall prey to predictability. The pacing for this episode did feel a little fast, as though the screen writers were rushing to get the premise done with so that they can move on to the next portion which is on the life of Godou after he became a god-slayer.

Other than there isn’t a whole lot to add, because it really does feel rather generic, along with its production values (the rendition of Sardinia looks decent though). It is going to be another one of those “I’m going to watch this without much expectations and hope it pleasantly surprises” type of show. If it helps there is a little fan-service (compared to similar shows) and more to come I guess.

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