Rinne no Lagrange2 1

Here we go…Maru! Wan!




I don’t know where I got all these high expectations from but damn, this episode certainly delivered. The awesome thing about continuations is that the opening episode usually delves into the action straightaway instead of introducing the characters, setting up the premise etc.

Picking up directly from where S1 left off, almost a year has passed since then. The trio had parted ways due to their differences in backgrounds, the things they had to do, but finally once again they’re reunited – in somewhat of an awkward if not hostile fashion. Lan (Seto Asami) returns with an ulterior motive, which is to get Kyouno Madoka (Ishihara Kaori) to pilot Aura once again and on the other hand Muginami (Kayano Ai) returns just moments after to stop her. Who is in the “right” and who is in the “wrong”, it is time to get down to speculation.

Since RnL is an original series, there is no source material to fall back on. All we viewers can do is to speculate, and speculate I shall. Somehow despite the fact that Lan is the princess of Le Garite and by default the “good guys” I feel that she definitely has something up her sleeves. Let me state the obvious as to why:

  • In the opening she is shown to be a test subject on some kind of research regarding the Voxes. Hence Le Garite knows something about that “incident” that we don’t. Perhaps they are trying to replicate the “Blossoming of Rinne” or something?
  • She is a friend, if not a comrade to Madoka. Why on Earth (pun intended) would she suddenly ask her buddy to do that after parting with Madoka for almost a year?
  • More importantly, her expressions give her away. She is Lan after all and not some world-class actor right?

Along the same line of reasoning, Muginami may not automatically be the villain although she does side with Vilajulio (Nakamura Yuuichi) for the time being. Is she really here to kill Madoka as Lan claims? Probably not. She probably also knows something we don’t. It is hard to determine though. The surprising thing was that I didn’t expect the trio to reunite this quickly, although I wouldn’t mind a single bit at all.

For some reason RnL endears a lot to me. Ishihara Kaori casting as Madoka is one of the main reasons why, seriously just look at her! She goes Maru!, doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future, and of course the best part was her antics in getting Midori to activate once more. Words don’t do her justice, period. It is not just Madoka that is awesome, Muginami is awesome as well and to a lesser extent, Lan (although her Wan! takes the cake this episode).

Apart from the awesome trio, the visuals are really slick, combine that with mecha as well as young girls piloting it and it equates to (insert some adjective here). The action isn’t lacking either, with fighting already happening just a couple of minutes in. Finally, the action is complimented alongside with a little slice-of-life and a tinge of yuri undertones. This is what RnL is consisted of and I am really excited to see how everything plays out from hereon.

PS: Well there a trio of male counterparts if that is of interest.

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