Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 1


Advisory: Potentially NSFW, caps contain no nudity although the actual episode does.




Now this particular adaptation of BokuH gets extremely interesting. After watching this episode, I went to re-marathon the existing BokuH manga because I don’t remember scenes such as the opening scene with the childhood friend Okura Mina (Ishihara Kaori) as well as the whole battle scene that took up the last 1/3’s of this episode. As manga readers such as myself have noted, the manga and the anime counterpart feels very different, in fact I would go as far as to say that the focus is entirely different as well.

There will be no spoilers involved so fret not, but comparisons will be inevitable. First of all I want to mention that the manga itself only has 9 existing chapters (therefore there isn’t much to spoil anyway). In other words, most of the BokuH adaptation will most likely be original content, which I am fine with as long as things remain relatively interesting.

Major edit: Ok, I’m feeling stupid for not doing my homework, but the original source of Boku H comes from a LN and not a manga. My comparisons are still based against the manga though. I still feel that the manga is a better read compared to the anime adaptation.

The second and most important point is the focus of the anime compared to the manga. Simply put, the anime focuses more on the H side of things and the manga, more on comedy. Case in point, if I remember correctly there isn’t explicit nudity in the manga as compared to the anime, on the flip side of things, there isn’t much comedy going around in this episode except for when the male lead Kaga RyoErosuke (Shimono Hiro) goes into masochist mode.

For me, these two factors alone are a pretty huge deal since it essentially means that the anime will branch off in a totally different direction from where the manga is heading. Of course the plot should follow the manga up till where the current story is at, before going into original content and from there things are going to get really tricky. As for the original contents, it as good as anyone’s guess what the writers are going to do, but considering the heavy investment into developing the H in BokuH in just episode 1 alone, it would be a safe bet to say that the ecchi offerings are just merely the tip of the iceberg.

Thus far I’m not overly impressed with episode 1, because after re-reading the manga I really prefer the manga’s approach (more comedy less blatant fan-service). The main female lead Lisara Restall (Endo Aya), is more dere and less tsun in the manga as well. Assuming that the initial plotline stays the same, hope isn’t lost for the anime version since I am interested to see exactly what direction is the anime going to take as far as this adaptation goes especially since it seemed intentional that the adaptation was green-lighted despite the fact that the manga only had so little content out. Either the manga is immensely popular or more likely it is just an adaptation to help boost manga sales as well as a marketing tactic for disc sales. We shall see.

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