Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 1

Who could it be?




Well well, the premise was simple and straightforward, but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would despite the fairly cliche setup.

When I said cliche, I really mean it – The male lead Mikadono Shougo (Sakurai Takahiro) inherits his father’s company (what’s with all the inheritance these days?), and has to marry a girl since behind the back of every successful man is a woman it was his father’s last request. Here comes the twist though – amongst his harem potential candidates lies someone who claims to be his younger sister. Fortunately (or not), Shougo doesn’t seem a wee bit interested in what could be a potential incestuous marriage/relationship. Who could it be?

Suspect Potential candidate #1: Tsuruma Konoe (Ishihara Kaori)
Probably the main heroine of the series, though I could be wrong. Uses a similar phone to the culprit sister. Do not get deceived by her demure behavior, for she is secretly the aggressive kind. Hearing Ishihara Kaori play a more feminine ojou-sama role is the real treat here. Hearing her say “Shougo-san, you can go ahead and eat my cream puffs” whilst doing a certain suggestive action…SCORE. Could she be the little sister? Unlikely.

Potential candidate #2: Kannagi Miyabi (Sakura Ayane)
The other candidate who had the most screen time apart from Konoe. Twitches when Shougo mentioned that he was the only child. Seems interested in him for no apparent reason, going so far as to offer a kiss. Could she be the little sister? Maybe.

Potential candidates #3 #4 #5: Kunitachi Rinka (Taketatsu Ayana), Tendou Mana (Oogame Asuka), and Sagara Mei (Hidaka Rina)
I’ve lumped them together because they haven’t gotten any development yet, except Mei who claims to be the little sister, who looks/dresses like the little sister. Therefore it is unlikely to be her since…my spider senses years of anime experience tell me so. It could be the other two for all we know but honestly speaking my bets are actually on something entirely else. Being the genius that I am, there can only be one of two possible options:

A) All of them are his half-sisters.
B) None of them are his sisters. The real sister is some troll or entirely someone else.

Yep, you heard it here first (disclaimer: I have not read any source works so this is purely speculation). Unless this is some cleverly written mystery harem series, it is very likely that the answer is either A or B and not one of the harem members. But I really appreciate that the anime does not reveal who the sister is at the start and keeps viewers guessing, even misleading them with red herrings such as the same cell phone / same getup. If the cat was let out of the bag at the start, it would definitely dampen my enjoyment of the subsequent episodes.

Now, the animation isn’t one of the better ones I’ve seen so far, possibly due to the use of softer colours which removes some of the “sharpness” from the backgrounds. The character designs are also fairly generic or should I say “meh”. As expected though, there is some elements of fan-service (I could tell just by the cover art and synopsis) which is a welcome addition considering that harem + rom/com + fan-service = the holy trinity.

As a verdict of sorts, the premiere episode looks bland, but actually it still manages to entertain. The main enjoyment factors for me are hearing the stellar cast and especially Ishihara Kaori, “figuring” out who the little sister actually is and of course..THEM CREAM PUFFS. Seriously though, this is the standard run of the mill harem series, people who already enjoy this type of genres should find NakaImo an entertaining watch while naysayers should just stay away altogether.

Random thoughts:

  • The mysterious gaping black holes are back!
  • Girl who eats cream puffs everyday does not get fat, makes me wonder where all the fat goes..Oh wait, I get it now.
  • I seriously did not get the truck scene, how did she avoid the truck, how did the cream puffs and cell phone remain intact is beyond my understanding.
  • Cakes are still a lie

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