Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 1

Perverted yet insanely strong male lead? Isn’t that alternatively spelled as A-W-E-S-O-M-E?

Advisory: Potentially NSFW, caps contain no nudity although the actual episode does.

I had to re-watch the PV again, because I was so certain that the levels of ecchi present in Estetica is abnormally high. Now that I’ve done just that, my opinion changed just a little. There is no doubt that Estetica is still highly NSFW, but it isn’t the full-blown, bordering H series that I thought it would be. Keep in mind that scenes like that are still present, although they should not last for too long, which is what my initial concern was about.

As a pilot episode, I definitely have mixed feelings about this show. The main glaring problem seems to be that the pacing (at least for this episode) feels slow, I can literally count the number of different scenes with just a hand:

As it can be seen, in the larger scale of things, nothing much is really happening, yet. The positive thing about the episode is that although the pacing felt slow to me and there wasn’t a whole lot going on just yet, I managed to maintain my interest mainly due to how we finally have an arguably awesome male lead Ousawa Akatsuki (Okamoto Nobuhiko). This guy has no qualms about stealing undergarments from maids nor does he give a damn about anything else in the world (over generalization maybe), point being – in the real world people like these are detestable but if they’re a fictional character it’s fine, I guess.

The female lead, Miu (Hikasa Youko) isn’t too shabby in comparison. I’m surprised to hear Hikasa Youko with that kind of voice, or rather I totally couldn’t tell at all. It does seem to me that she is using an artificial” tone (not using her normal vocal range) to voice Miu. The rest of the cast apart from the student council president Hikama Kyouya (Sakurai Takahiro) hasn’t been introduced yet, but this show definitely has an all-star cast going for it (I know I say that all the time but hey it’s true).

The plot, which what drew my initial attention, didn’t disappoint although things have gotten off to a slow start. Actually, I’m not entirely sure what the grand scheme of things are apart from knowing that there will be more battles like the one at the end of this episode. The other main draw for some is probably going to be the “distasteful” fan-service, which is essentially “bam boobies in your face!” For me as long as it doesn’t get overly excessive I just treat it as a bonus along with whatever is happening.

Again, this anime (similar to NakaImo) uses a softer colour scheme such that the backgrounds have a “blur” feel to it, although I personally prefer anime that have the sharpness aka the details. The character designs are somewhat fine for me, the only real notable thing about that is that the characters do not have these overwhelmingly huge eyes that seem to be a staple in character designs these days.

In the end, the verdict is still simple to give simply because the nature of fan-servicey shows appeal to a niche audience. If you like ecchi + action = watch. Otherwise “attempt” to give this a watch, though I really do not know how the action part of the equation is going to hold up, although I am fairly certain that the ecchi portion is not going to disappoint.

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