Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 1

How come my school doesn’t have clubs like these?




I could have sworn that if schools around the world have clubs/activities such as doing nothing but snack/drink beer, nearly everyone including myself would have probably preferred to chill in school instead of going home.

Initially I thought I was watching some pseudo “Mission Impossible” being adapted into anime, instead it seems to be related to the grand scheme of things. Although it is certainly a plot-related element, plot in this particular anime doesn’t really matter all too much simply because this isn’t an anime to watch for the plot.

When it comes to VN-turned-anime works like these, Amagami SS and Mashiroiro Symphony are the two most recent series that I’ve watched that are basically similar in terms of well, nearly everything. Let’s do a quick checklist to ascertain that fact.

  • School life. Check
  • Multiple heroines to choose from. Check
  • Some kind of redundant plot, or the lack thereof. Check
  • Someone’s sibling who isn’t a student but part of the school. Check
  • Something that involves the student council. Check
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF SWEETS. Not checked

The only real, if insignificant difference lies in the addition of chocolate, sweets and the likes (staying true to its title). The characters themselves are as textbook as it can get, starring:

  • Oojima Yuuki (Nakamura Yuuichi) – typical male harem lead with nothing special going for him yet somehow all the girls fall for him as though he is the only male left in the school.
  • Sumiyoshi Chisato (Nakamura Eriko) – typical childhood friend #1. As with all childhood friends, will she get shafted when a new love rival appears?
  • Kiba Mifuyu (Mizuhashi Kaori) – typical childhood friend #2. Ok, this one is probably the more passive type and thus unfortunately relegated to the sidelines since character types like these usually don’t get much love.
  • Morishita Michiru (Imai Asami) – typical eccentric character. Usually I don’t give a damn about characters like these but then again she is voiced by Imai Asami so..
  • Aomi Isara (Kadowaki Mai) – Not exactly introduced yet, but as far as I’m concerned her main role is just to “fill in the blanks”. Side heroine if you would call it.
  • Shinonome Satsuki (Asakawa Yuu) – The tsundere to conquer The boss to beat. As the main “antagonist”, it will be interesting to see whether love can blossom under the current circumstances.
  • Several other side characters that are probably not main heroines in the game so..

The main plot isn’t anything worthy to write home about, go read a synopsis instead. A potential surprise factor is perhaps the larger picture, related to the opening and ending moments of this episode. For some other reason as well, Oojima can “see things” that others couldn’t, the propeller and the masked candidate are the examples this episode. I really wonder what this is about, for all it could just be a huge troll or something like that.

Well, that is just about it. Although what I’ve mentioned so far makes it sound as if Koichoco is the type of adaptation that follows the standard formula for all adaptations, is is important not to forget that at times, standard is the new good. Sure it may turn out average for the most part, but these days it is imperative to manage expectations in light that anime these days are steadily becoming better and better and thus there is the possibility of over-expectations especially when it comes to adapted works. For one it the character designs look good (and hopefully close to the original game), the casting is nothing to scoff at either. I am definitely going to continue watching Koichoco and how the characters interact with each other..I hereby predict a beach/onsen episode!

Note: I may or may not continue to cover this, depending on factors such as how other shows turn out, how the subsequent episodes turn out and whether I have room for it.

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