Binbougami ga! 1

Forget the Higgs Boson particle, this is a much better answer to the mystery of the universe. And no the answer isn’t 42.



It is no surprise that the actual answer is fortune, or luck in other words. Now I know why I am so unlucky at the mahjong table, I mean there isn’t really any other logical explanation for the occurrences that happen in life/on the table!

Basic premise:
I’m already loving this show the first few minutes in after the OP. There is always this one person whom we know in our lives who always seems get everything right in life, convert that person into Binbougami and we have the main heroine Sakura Ichiko (Hanazawa Kana). She has the looks; the money; the brains; the athletic capabilities; you name it, she has it. The origin of that is due to a bug unknown cause, but she unknowingly drains the good fortune of people around her, leaving them with misfortune instead.

To correct this anomaly, Binboda Momiji (Uchiyama Yumi) a god of misfortune is dispatched to balance out the fortunes between Ichiko and the people around her. Therefore this series revolves around the interactions between the two of them.

Based on the first episode alone, Binbougami manages to really impress me with a few points:

  • Voice acting
    If anyone remotely takes note of seiyuus and especially female ones, it is hard not to know who Hana Kana is. I’m really glad that in her role as Ichiko she uses a haughty voice set which is very reminiscent of her role as Mahiru in Kamisama Dolls. I personally enjoy hearing her play this sort of characters instead of the usual Hana Kana roles that I’ve probably heard 10’s of times (though that is also fine as well).
  • Visuals
    Skimming through the screen caps, although the majority were still shots, it is hard to deny that the visuals for this anime really look good. First looks impressions do matter to a certain degree.
  • Slapstick comedy/Humour
    As the core of this anime, the comedy presented isn’t the kind that makes people laugh out loud (or at least I didn’t). But I was thoroughly entertained/amused throughout the whole episode, which is mostly watching Ichiko bicker with Momoji.
  • Some seriousness
    Make no mistake, blending in a little seriousness in a comedy anime is not easy to master. The transition between the two has to be flawless and in this episode alone the atmosphere shifted from one to the other when Ichiko discovers that her butler suffered a heart attack, because she has been draining away all his fortune throughout the entire time. The tone changed back to the usual when she resolves to use the fortune (in capsule form) drained from her to save her butler. The scene where Ichiko dismisses her butler as she did not want to drain his fortune any further is also a well executed scene.
  • References
    Bonus points are given to series that bother to throw in references, provided that I am able to catch them. The more obvious ones are Medaka Box and DBZ, and there are probably others that I missed out on, but it always fun to see how many references can be found within an episode (Nyaruko is a good example of this).

To wrap things up, I have a feeling Binbougami is going to be one of the stronger comedies this season (at least it is in my watchlist). The opening episode is awesome, while it doesn’t quite reach the “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?” levels of funny, definitely give this a watch if comedies with a little fan-service is your kinda thing.

Random thoughts:


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